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Favourite childhood walk c1950s

This was a favourite place to play and walk in the late 1950’s.

Do you remember walking along here?

Undercliff walk
From the private collection of Sue Loveridge

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  • It’s interesting to see how busy the beach is, it looks like this end of Brighton was popular then? Of course this area is now covered by Brighton Marina. Perhaps then families would be inclined to walk from east Brighton, to the nearest beach, while now they would bathe on the popular city centre beaches, or Spain?

    By Peter Groves (14/03/2010)
  • During the very early 50’s my friends and I used to cycle in the late evening out to Rottingdean and then cycle back along the undercliff in what was pitch black, often surprising courting couples along the way, much to our youthfull delight. Also of course many a Sunday stroll was taken along the cliffs and then down and back via the undercliff walk. As can be seen from the picture, often when the tide was in on a bit of a windy day the sea would crash over on to the walk bringing with it pebbles.

    By Ken Ross (14/03/2010)
  • This wonderful view is sadly long gone and lost forever. However the undercliff walk is still a tremendous asset to Brighton and Hove, enjoyed as much today as it was when this pre WW2(?) photo was taken. Click here for a brilliant colour photo taken more or less from the same location also showing Marine Gate flats and the A259 circa early 1960s.

    By Christopher Wrapson (18/03/2010)
  • How often I think of those “magic times” just after the war when the beachfront was opened up again and we were able to discover all of the things that the war had deprived us of. Winkling at Black Rock, Peter Pans and the little open air theatre with talent shows and some other semi serious stuff. Later I think to become the roller skating rink. Fantastic times strolling the promenade eying up the girls. Hours of fun on the Palace Pier. Ooh what magic times

    By Dave Sutton (30/03/2010)
  • This is for Chris Wrapson: Hello Chris, were you the Chris Wrapson that went to school at Fitzeherbert in Woodingdean in the 50s?

    By Mike Peirson (01/08/2010)
  • Hi Mike Peirson, I am indeed the very same Chris Wrapson that attended St John The Baptist RC school at Woodingdean between 1954/1958. I left school in the summer of 1958. As I recall the school was renamed Fitzeherbert in 1961. I have spotted your name on other section of this site and guessed you were around the same age as myself? There are several more names mentioned including your good self that I remember. However, I’m sure like me, that after 50 odd years you also find it difficult putting names to faces. I have recently posted comments on Anthony Daly’s Fitzherbert school football team page also, check out the Woodingdean pages. Its good to make contact with you after all these years 🙂 Regards Chris Wrapson

    By christopher wrapson (07/08/2010)
  • Yes I remember it well! Fond memories of winkling and the cafe at the top of the steps leading down to the beach next to the open air swimming pool. I remember the man with the rowing boat who would take people out to sea for 6d I think. I still live within a stone’s throw from here. Bottom of my street actually. I also remember the odd mine being washed up and not being allowed to go to the beach ’til it was dealt with. Happy days!

    By Lynne Chester (30/01/2016)

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