A kiosk like those in Paris

Photo of the kiosk in Churchill Square in 1994

“The Evening Argus was very helpful for me. It was the first newspaper I ever read in English and it helped me to find a job very, very quickly.

This picture reminds me of France, of Paris especially, because you can find what we call “kiosks” in Paris everywhere and if you want a newspaper you just stop in the street and buy one. I think it’s the only one actually that I’ve ever seen in England. I took it (the photo) as well because of the colours – this red everywhere.”

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  • This picture is fantastic mostly because the lady in the photo reading the paper is my Nan who sadly passed away in March of 2004; but to find this photo of her made me feel so happy and like she is still around. Thank you to who ever took this.

    By Nigel Mcneill (18/09/2004)
  • Nigel, I was very touched by your note and I would like to let you know that this picture is probably my favourite amongst all the photos I took during my stay in Brighton (10 years!); in fact I have now moved back to France and this photo has moved with me all the way to my French living room. Your granny is still travelling today… this message is probably too late to get to you… hope you will see it one day. Christel.

    By Christel Gauthier (20/11/2007)

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