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Blue building in Baker Street

I’m doing a re-photography project and took this photo of the blue building in Baker Street in 2012.  It has subsequently been demolished to make way for the student housing.

I would be very interested in learning about the history of the building.  I think prior to closing it might have been a shop called Spirit.  Can anyone give me any information about its past?

If you remember anything about this building please leave a comment below.

Blue building in Baker Street
Photo by Gill G

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  • Hi Gill, The blue shop you are asking about: I remember it as part of the Co-op and, if I’m right, it was a funeral shop for a number of years, after that I remember a shoe shop. I could be wrong as I am going back to the mid 50s & 60s. Hope this helps you.

    By Dave Guildford (03/04/2014)
  • Hi Gill, in the mid 60s to early 70s it was a clothes shop called Jacksons. I got my first pair of Levi jeans there, price 52 shillings and sixpence. I drove my mum potty over these so-called trendy jeans for many weeks. Mums did not pay those prices for boy’s jeans. When I told her the price she chased me up the stairs with a big stick! Good luck Gill.

    By Ken McNeill (06/04/2014)
  • Thank you so much for the info Dave and Ken! It’s really helpful and appreciated. Love the story about the jeans, Ken! 

    By Gill G (13/04/2014)
  • When I was a baby, we lived at 23 Kingsbury Road (our house was the second one along from that shop, looks pale green). That shop in the early 50s was a haberdashery shop – not that hideous blue colour though.  My mum used to say that the funeral place was next door to our house. 

    By Irene Dobson (23/04/2014)

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