Chaits Delicatessen

Waterloo Street
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Does anyone remember Chaits Kosher Delicatessen in Waterloo Street, Hove?
Mr Chait was a lovely man. He used to phone me every Saturday evening in the sixties for my order for delivery on Sunday morning as I was getting ready to visit the Theatre Royal for my weekly visit.

An amazing new coffee

I had Box H booked regularly at the theatre and a charming lady used to bring us coffee and sandwiches in the interval. Does this still happen? Mr Chait took my rather long order and on one Saturday he said “Mrs Foley, we have this amazing new coffee in, Nescafe Gold Blend, do try it”. I did and have loved it ever since.

Mr Chait made my weekend

He used to deliver beautiful cheeses, fresh seeded rolls, pickled cucumbers, kosher sausages and all my grocery requirements. I do miss Mr Chait – a visit to the supermarket with the stress of parking etc. is not quite the same. Whenever I visit the lovely Southern Belle in Waterloo Street I walk past where his shop was and remember him and how he made my weekend!

Remember your favourite shop? Did you have a shop you used to love visiting? Where was it? What did it sell?  If the building still exists we can photograph it for you.
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  • Yes, I remember Mr Chait in the 1960s. Great personal service. His accent needed getting used to. I remember him giving me “a chuzzen eggs” in the shop which we would regularly visit.

    By Ivor Guild (01/02/2023)
  • I remember Chaits very well indeed. Although quite bijoux in size, it was crammed to the rafters with delicious looking food. My father used to take me for a walk on the seafront on a Sunday morning, when I was very young, and on the way home we would walk up a Waterloo Street, and then go to Chaits for nosh, to be eaten on the way home. It was always busy on a Sunday. Mr. Chait always seemed to be carving wafer thin slices of smoked salmon, whilst Mrs. Chait would serve customers with other produce. She was a very small woman, with long immaculately painted nails, usually maroon red, and in hindsight reminded me of Fanny Craddock. In front of the counter were three or four big barrels, one with shmaltz herring in, the others with pickled cucumbers. My father would buy a few slices of Blooms liver sausage and a large pickled cucumber, which we ate on the walk home. Precious memories of a time gone by.

    By Anna Charlick (22/07/2023)

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