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Smith's Antique Shop

My Dad, Stan Smith, had this antique shop in the mid 1940s.

It was situated on the corner of Albion Street at the bottom of Richmond Street. 

Do you remember this shop? If you do, please leave a comment below.

Smith's Antique Shop
From the private collection of Joy Panteli (nee Smith)

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  • Am I right in my memory of this being a sweet shop in the 50s? On our way to the Astoria for Saturday morning pictures we would go to this shop.

    By Jennifer Tonks (22/06/2011)
  • Hi Joy, His tenure there must have been relatively short as in 1940 the premises were listed as a Coffee House. After the war, in 1947 the property was unlisted, but a year later became a greengrocer’s shop. Regards, Andy

    By Andy Grant (22/06/2011)
  • On the left before this shop, and a little way along Albion street, there was a shop where we bought plaster of Paris and moulds. At the bottom of Richmond Street on the right, was a “dinner shop” as we called it. There is a photo on the James Grey site on the Regency Society.

    By Jennifer Tonks (22/06/2011)
  • Hi thank you all for your comments. I’m not sure how long my Dad had the shop for Andy as I was very young when he had it and I remember falling down from top to bottom of the cellar stairs when I was about three years old and that would have been 1946. I can still see me fallling down those stairs in my minds eye to this day. I hurt my neck pretty badly but I’m lucky and grateful that I didn’t break it! But that fall meant me making regular visits to the school clinic all through my infancy and still gives me jip at times. I just wish we would have asked our elders questions about these things when they were alive, mind you they probably told us but it didn’t sink in. It seems we only get really interested in the past when we get older and now that we are interested there’s no one left to ask unfortunatly! Sorry Jennifer I dont recall it being a sweet shop but it may well have been at one time. I do remember going to the shop with the plaster of paris and moulds the thing I remember the most were those flying ducks on the wall you could buy plain white ones and we painted them ourselves for our Mum. I think the chimney sweep lived in the same street up on the right going in from Richmond St and the plaster paris shop was at the top on the left of the same street going in from Richmond St if I remember correctly and that street was on the right near the bottom of Richmond St. It was either Albion Cottages, Richmond Buildings, not 100% sure. Bbut one of them two. Joy.

    By Joy Pantelli (22/07/2011)

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