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Full of colour and expectancy

Gardner Street shops in the 1970s
Royal Pavilion and Museums Brighton and Hove

Sweetie cones

In the ‘old days’ shops were so much more interesting than they are now. Rows and rows of jars full of colour and expectancy. Glass jars of course. No plastic then. I know we need to progress to health and safety standards but I do not remember getting sick from anything in those days other than the ‘usuals’. Do you remember those lovely square pieces of brown paper that were rolled into a cone into which your sweeties were tossed from the shining golden weighing scales?

Made you feel special

Life all seems so much more creative when you look back at how we did things. Everything now is ‘ready done’. You certainly do not get the ‘extras’ either. I mean things like the odd sweetie thrown in for extra measure. It made you feel as is you were special even if you could not read the scales yourself, and it might not have actually been an extra.

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Remember cheese wires?

At the greengrocer the odd apple would be tossed towards you just ‘cos you were there as a regular face before you even bought anything. Do you remember the sound of the slicer as it sliced off the rashers of bacon chosen just by you? And what about the cheese wire that always looked as if it would keep stretching, and not quite cut through that chunk of golden cheese. Oh, I am not saying nice things don’t happen any more but memory lane always dishes up something worth smiling about and even something to learn from maybe.

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  • We lived in Blucher Place on the carpark which became Churchill Square in the 1960s. Bertie Bassett,”Brightons Breeziest Butcher”,  had his shop just around the corner. Molly Lacroix owned a convenient shop at the top of Russell Street and Bardsleys had a fish and chip shop in Upper Russell Street with a very good reputation. There were  also plenty of cinemas nearby – the Regent, Academy, Savoy and Palladium to name a few. Brighton Tigers played ice hockey in West Street. Coach excursions were very popular, especially to Goodwood Racecourse in July and also mystery destinations. Happy days indeed.

    By Peter Maurice (08/04/2018)

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