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Photo of the store

Hanningtons Department Store, Brighton
Image reproduced with kind permission of www.images.brighton

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  • What happened to a Mr Watts who was General Manager in the 40s/50s?

    By K.A.Bedford (24/08/2004)
  • I would compare stores like this to old luxury liners like The Queen Mary. You think they will always be there and then eventually they disappear. Like the old liners they were a relic of a vanished era.

    By Edward Castle (13/08/2009)
  • Hanningtons was the best dep’t store and without it Brighton lost its jewel in the crown. I’m so glad I had the privilege to work there!

    By michael walker (09/05/2011)
  • I recall the wonderful Christmas windows. In 1984 I queued up to visit Santa Clause with my small daughter. After some time (certainly more than an hour) I knew it was worth the wait. My daughter on getting to her turn,decided she did not want to go in. Oh dear the joys of parenthood. What a treat she missed.This was a wonderful store.So sad it is gone.

    By Jennifer Tonks (22/05/2011)
  • It’s great to see this Facade and brings back good yet nostalgic memories of the store, the people working there and our customers. I worked there from 1998-1999 in the electrical department for Mr Perfect, he was and knew everything there was to know about electrical appliances. I was very sorry it closed down, and miss everything about it. The whole atmosphere of Hanningtons was a premium shopping experience.

    By Jennifer Garnem (18/09/2012)
  • I was quite devastated when Hanningtons store proper disappeared to become a succession of other high street shops. It was such an elegant and distinctive store. I had such lovely memories of it, especially at Christmas when the windows looked so beautiful.

    By Sandi Marchant (Weymer) (28/08/2013)

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