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Aerial view 1991

Aerial view of the King Alfred Centre, 1991
Photo from the privatecollection of Ian McKenzie,

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  • My grandfather Leo Kemp was the manager of the baths in the late 1930s/40s.

    By H. Cox (08/08/2006)
  • It must have been really nice in the 80’s and 90’s. I remember going on holiday about 8 or 9 years ago (when I was about 7), and using the flumes. Then, I went back about 3 years later, and they had been closed which left me very disappointed, as I had immensely enjoyed them. I don’t think they will ever re-open them, as there are plans to do different things with the centre. It is a pity though, as I’m sure they could make it really nice again.

    By James Campion (27/10/2007)
  • I spent most of my teenage years in the bowling alley at the King Alfred. My mum and dad went to the opening of the bowling alley when he was a councillor in 1960s, his name was Bill Stevens. He also used to train ABA boys boxing under the old swimming pools that I spent my younger days in. In th summer the big pool was used for swimming and in winter it was boarded over and used for ballroom dancing and functions. I have spent many a New Years Eve celebrating the events in there. Can anyone else remember these good old days? My surname in those days was Stevens and I lived in Shirley street.

    By Sue Barber (20/01/2009)
  • Sue, as a very young lad in the early 60s, I recall vividly doing a magnificent dive at the 3′-6″ end of the pool and smashing my 2 front teeth on the bottom, dad was not impressed at all.
    Then behold about a year later I was ten pin bowling in the lanes there with my best chum, when I slipped and fell causing the bowling ball to squash and rip open my (R) little finger. What a bloody mess that caused. Apparently a couple of people including the front desk receptionist feinted when they saw the blood. Yep I’ve got fond memories of that place. Maybe that’s why we emigrated to Australia shortly afterwards.

    By James A Roncoli (27/04/2009)
  • Bill Stevens after whom “Stevens Court” in the Ingram Crescent complex was named. I knew Alderman Tom Benson, whose name also graces one of the courts in the same complex.

    By Mike Dennis (08/06/2009)

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