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An outside toilet and a mangle

Albion Cottages photographed in 1951. Click on the image to open a large version in a new window.
Image reproduced with kind permission of The Regency Society and The James Gray Collection

Lived near my grandparents

I lived in number two Albion Cottages. Number one was just a garage I think. My grandparents lived in Albion Street, the house in which I was born. I remember there was an outside toilet, and of course like most houses like ours at the time, there was one of those old mangles for the wet washing. Directly above us in Richmond Street was the family that ran a chimney sweeping firm.

Playing in the old bomb sites

I do remember playing with all the other children in the old bomb sites in Carlton Hill, and I went to Sussex Street school. I also remember the little shop at the bottom of Albion Hill, on the corner of Phoenix Place. Also in Albion Cottages was an area that belonged to, I think, an old school or church. It was a pretty spooky place which we did not like to pass at night as it was so dark. We moved when I was 6 or 7 to Park Street.

Do you remember?

Do you remember Albion Cottages? Do you remember this area? If you can share your memories with us, please leave a comment below.

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  • I remember Albion cottages very well, I used to deliver morning papers to these cottages in 1957-1958. The hall mentioned and is shown in the photo was connected to St. Peters Church, the lower floor was used by the young wives and OAPs clubs, the 1st. floor by 32nd. scout and cub troop, and above that was a snooker club, also affiliated in some way to St. Peters Church.    

    By Tony Caig (08/02/2014)
  • Hello
    My mum lived in Albion Cottages in the 50s -when they were demolished.
    Her family name was Riley she has 2 sisters and her mum & dad were Frank & Nelly ( Ellen)
    Does anyone remember them ?

    By Claire GIllies (09/07/2020)
  • My grandad died in Albion Street cottage in 1941.
    He was George Piercey and he was a marine store dealer. He was separated from his wife and she remarried as soon as she could after he died!

    By Sue Piercey (06/01/2022)
  • My family lived in 2 Albion cottages.

    By Iris Board (11/01/2022)

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