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Photographed in March 1957

Albion Street was acquired by the Council under the 1955 Albion Hill Compulsory Purchase Order. Although the street survived the redevelopment of this area, and still exists today, many of the buildings shown here were demolished in about 1959.

Albion Street
Image reproduced with permission from Brighton History Centre

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  • I lived at No. 39 Albion Street from my birth in 1930 until we were bomb damaged in 1940. My mother worked in Billets confectioners at the lower end of Albion Street. The shop faced St Peters Church and the factory was at the rear of the shop. I remember they used to stable the brewery horses at the bottom end of the street. It was a close community, everyone knew everyone by name and the local grocers ‘Whites’, was on the corner of Albion Hill. Everything was delivered by horse and cart.

    By Jean Guy (nee Elliott) (31/05/2008)
  • I lived at 47 Albion St from 1952 – 1959, we lived opposite Gates & Sons – they were some sort of builders. I too remember Tamplings brewery at the top of the road. There was a family called Arkans, they were Canadians they had the only TV in the street. All the kids used to crowd round the window to get a good look.

    By Roger Hall (25/01/2013)
  • My mum and her sisters used to live in Albion street, the Colyers! My mum is Joan and her sisters are Sylive, Pat, June, Carol and Linda. My mum said that they moved into your house Jean, when your family moved out. Mum said she remembers everyone who used to live in the street.

    By Janine Smith (24/05/2013)
  • I remember the Colyer family; your mum used to know my mum Marion Davies. We lived at no 2 Albion cottages and my grandparents lived in Albion street (also no 1, I think) Also in the street was Richardson’s scrap metal and rag and bone place and in Phoenix place was the bus place where the coaches where house. We moved from there in about 1953.

    By Mary Taylor nee Davies (27/05/2013)
  • My mum remembers you, Mary. She remembers Brian and Josie but can’t remember if they are your brother and sister. Mum said she thought that Richardson’s scrap metal was in Newhaven Street. Mum moved from Albion Street in 1956.

    By Janine Smith (29/05/2013)

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