My home in the 1950s

1, Belgrave Place
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Rented the whole house

My mother, brother Dale, and I moved to number one Belgrave Place in 1955 when we arrived from Canada. At that time we rented the whole house and also took in two paying guests who lived in bedsits. In 1958, we returned to Canada but went back to Belgrave Place in 1960 when we returned to Brighton.

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Offered for sale

When we returned we rented the basement flat at number one as the owner offered it to us to buy for £2,000 but we could not raise that much money. We rented the basement flat off the new owners and lived there until the 1970s. I moved out when I married in 1967.

A dodgy twitten

I remember clearly the fruit and vegetable shop near the Odeon Cinema, I also remember the cake shop. There was a newspaper shop on the corner of the ‘twitten’ that ran behind Belgrave Place. When you walked down there you had to be careful to dodge where the dogs had been to the toilet. I live in Suffolk now though I lived in Brighton until the 1980s.

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  • A school friend of mine lived in Belgrave Place in the 50s. He was called John Prentiss, he had a sister called Peta (not sure of the spelling). If I remember rightly they lived in the first house up from the seafront on the right hand side. I remember the ‘twitten’ that Chris has mentioned. John and I used to get over the high wall that ran down the little alleyway on the left side going up and have target practice in the rough ground that was there, this must have been about 1953. I spent some nice summer evenings on the beach swimming with John and Peta, lovely times. I seem to remember the remarkable likeness between John and his dad, they looked like twins.

    By Mick Peirson (09/10/2014)

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