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Memories of the 1950/60s

Belton Road
Photo by Tony Mould

My first bottle of beer

I used to live at 6 Belton Road, during the 1950s/ 60s. Looking back, I remember it as being very steep and leading, to the north, to Roundhill Road. Around the late 1950s, a family up the road had the first car in the street. It seemed an exotic thing to have. Around the corner, at the bottom of Roundhill Road, was Sheath’s the grocers and on the other corner, The Roundhill Tavern, where I bought my first bottle of beer and was very much underage. Further up Ditchling Road was a baker’s shop which still dealt in farthings. After the baker’s came Dalton’s newsagents, where you could browse though a range of small sweets.

Walking to school

I went to the Down’s School, and later to Fawcett School. The Down’s School was in walking distance of Belton Road, although I doubt that any child would be allowed to walk that distance, on his or her own, today. I remember ‘The Flats’ opposite Belton Road, being built in the 1950s. I don’t remember if they had a proper, collective name. They were always known as The Flats. Probably like a lot of adults, when I went back to Belton Road I found it much narrower than I remember. I suppose that when you are small, everything looks wider and bigger.

Do you remember?

Did you live in Belton Road? Or did you live in a street nearby? Do you remember the shops? If you can share your memories with us, please leave a comment below.

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  • I do remember Belton Road quite well. My aunt lived there, and I seem to recall her sitting in the front room in a rocking chair. She also lived at 6 Belton Road with her son Philip who is, of course, my cousin. I hope you are well Phil. We have not met for many years. I lived in The Limes, one of the Sylvan Hall blocks of flats, just below Belton Road and Princes Crescent, from 1959 to 1967. I believe the baker’s shop was called Gigins.

    By Alan Hobden (03/12/2013)
  • My two cousins, Robin and Ian Davey, lived at number 27 Belton Road on top of the hill.  I used to deliver newspapers to Sylvan Hall flats when I worked for Hartland’s.

    By Phil Allsopp (10/03/2014)
  • Hello Alan, it has, indeed, been very many years since we met. I left Brighton when I was 21 to train as a psychiatric nurse. Later, I married, had two children and we moved to South Wales. I got a PhD, worked in a university, wrote 38 books and retired, a few years ago, as a professor and vice dean. We come back to Brighton about every two years. I hope you and your family are all well. I have fond memories of the Sylvan Hall flats; perhaps less so of Belton Road!

    By Philip Burnard (18/03/2014)
  • I lived at no 14 Belton Road from 67 to 93ish with my family. My mum and grandparents lived there since it was built I believe.

    By Theresa Sayers (18/11/2023)

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