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Sunday School outing 1921

My Mother attended Bentham Road Sunday School and I attach her decision card dated 18 January 1920; she was born 6 January 1906. I also attach a photograph of the group that went on a Sunday School outing in 1921. My Mother is fourth from the right in front.

I know nothing more about this Sunday School so can anybody throw any light on it or name any of the people in the photograph? Bentham Road is off Elm Grove, opposite the school. My Mother lived with her parents in Bonchurch Road although her Father died in the May of 1921. I was baptised at St Wilfred’s Church in Elm Grove but there does not seem to be any connection with that Church. I would be grateful for any information.

In the 1950s schools used to go on outings to Hassocks to a wooded area and paddling pool known as Mr Box’s. Perhaps that is where the Sunday school outing went to if Mr Box’s existed in 1921. More detail about outings to Mr Box are in the section relating to Queens Park Infants’ School. Does anyone know anything more about Mr Box at Hassocks?

Decision card
From the private collection of Dennis Parrett
Sunday school outing
From the private collection of Dennis Parrett

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  • The Elm Grove School centenary booklet (1993) states ‘Elm Grove Infants School first opened its doors in June 1893 when over 300 children were transferred from the old infants school in Bentham Road.’ I assume that this was the building that became the Bentham Road Congregational Mission Sunday School. I was sent to this Sunday School in the 1930s when I believe that one of the Elders was Mr Homeyard who ran the seed and corn shop. I well remember the donkey stoves in the big hall which gave out great clouds of smoke. On my first attendance I told the story of The Good Samaritan and was rewarded with a square of chocolate and a halfpenny with strict instructions not to eat the chocolate or spend the halfpenny on Sunday.

    By Rita Denman (21/02/2009)
  • With regards to Bentham Road Mission Hall, I can’t say much about the early days. But my family lived next door to the Mission from 1940 to the early 70s. The recollection of Mr Homeyard is correct – he was there for many years. The Mission held normal church services and there was a Sunday School which I attended. It also was the home of the 21st Brighton Boys Brigade, which was run by Mr Barnard. My brothers and myself were all members of the Boys Brigade and the Lifeboys before that. They also had the Girls Guildry and a young peoples’ fellowship. I have many happy memories of my days living next to the Mission Hall. Incidentally there is a picture of it on the web, just put the name on Google.

    By Glenn (14/09/2009)
  • By Matt Flowers (21/06/2013)
  • My memories of Bentham Road was Dudeney’s TV repair shop down on the corner. At one time I remember it selling fishtanks. On the corner with Elm Grove I remember a bakery there. Does anyone else recall these shops or have any photographs of them?

    By Carol Homewood (27/09/2013)
  • Dear Carol, the shop was Giggins Bakery – my mum used to pop over there and get me a bread roll (halfpenny) and pass it to me in the playground ‘through the railings’. The shops opposite the school going down were: Ceaplins shoe repairs, Giggins the bakers, the shop that sold fish tanks – this shop was on the corner of Luther Street/Bentham Road, Hubards the green grocers, Osbornes second hand cycles – where I bought my first bike, Floods the butchers – this shop had a wide open front window and we could hear Mr Flood singing his heart out, the floor covered in saw dust. He used to chant ‘Oh Mama, do look over here’. I can’t recall the name of the sweet shop, they sold Golly Bars, farthing each. Iron mongers on the Cobden Road corner. Pococks the newsagents, I was their first paper boy, I delivered the Evening Argus. Then the second hand shop, and on the next corner was the wireless shop that charged our wireless accumulators. The tea shop at the corner of Wellington Street was Rogers, they had three daughters Josie, Rita and Stella. Our house was on the opposite corner, now part of the school.
    I was in the Life Boys, and we used the Bentham Road Mission Hall, this was also our Sunday School. 

    By Charlie Bull (22/04/2014)
  • Thank you for that Charlie. You mentioned your house was on the corner of Wellington Street which became our school playground. I am very interested in what was on this site. I should recall it as I was at Elm Grove Infants School whilst they added the new playground and new hall / classrooms etc but I don’t recall it at all. Would you have a photo at all? I am gathering info and photos of the Elm Grove area. My email address is but obviously everyone at My Brighton and Hove would love to see any photos you may have too.

    By Carol Homewood (23/04/2014)
  • Does anyone know who owns the Mission Hall on Bentham Road and what it’s being used for today?

    By Mike Riley (23/09/2014)
  • Glen, who posted one of the original comments on this post. My Mum is Gwen Bishop. Would love to have contact Have been talking about the 21st and 17th brigades only yesterday.

    By Karen Pattinson (18/10/2014)
  • Hi Karen, yes I do remember the name Gwen Bishop. I am not sure but I had a feeling one of my brothers went out with her. Where was she living at that time, was it Whichelo Place? Does she remember any other names from that time? My brothers and I were in the 21st Boys Brigade and then that disbanded and it became the 5th and was based at Bristol Road.

    By Glenn Thomsett (20/10/2014)

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