Growing up in the 1960/70s

Bernard Road
Photo by Tony Mould
Brighton and Preston Cemetery
Photo by Tony Mould

I grew up in Bernard Road during the late 1960/70s. My Great Grandparents rented our house in 1913 and our family have lived there ever since. When I was a young child, I remember knowing everyone in the top half of the street, mainly old people that had also lived there for many, many years.

Everyone sat outside during the summer chatting with their neighbours, and popping into each other’s houses for cups of tea. I remember the shop on the corner of Bernard Road and Bernard Place called ‘Sugar and Spice’ where my brother was allowed to take me to buy sweets.

My family also remember the laundry that was at the top end and the lady that owned it, Mrs Unstead. And there was the factory down the street that used to make kites which has now been replaced by new houses. Apparently Bernard Road was named after the man who planted the trees in Bernard Road. We were the funeral route into Brighton and Preston Cemetery so we were lucky enough to have trees.

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  • I now live along Bernard Road, unfortunately I’m not old enough to remember those mentioned above seeing as I am still young but I think we (my family) now own the old shop. We own a house just in the middle of Bernard Road (near Bernard Place). Was it near that at all? Two up, I think.  Get back to me some time – I would love to know more to see if you knew my family.

    By Shane Boswood (01/08/2007)
  • The shop was on your right as you walked down Bernard Road, on the first corner before you cross the road. It was the corner house only. I think it’s painted blue at the moment. I hope that helps. It was a great shop. I wish someone had a photo of it.

    By Carol Homewood (02/08/2007)
  • No – I’m afraid we don’t have any pictures but I think we own the place you’re talking about. I remember my parents telling me about it being converted from an old shop and I remember hearing the name ‘Sugar And Spice’. Wish there was some more old pictures of my road seeing as I’ve lived here for a long time now and would LOVE to see more of it. Especially that factory because I can hardly remember what it looks like. Only remember the fires which happened there often. If you have any more pictures from the surrounding area I’d love to see some.

    Thanks for reading. 🙂

    P.s. We’re not the one of the direct corner, we’re next door but I am pretty certain it’s this house.

    By Shane Boswood (26/10/2007)
  • I used to play in the factory when it was disused. We used to dare each other to go inside. It was very creepy. Glad it’s gone really. I’ll see what photos I might have. I don’t have any of the shop except with it right in the background I’m afraid.
    I only have very vague memories of the shop myself. It must have gone by the time I was around five. Apparently there was a dairy on the other corner of Sugar and Spice.
    There also used to be a Hairdresser’s at the very bottom of Bernard Road on the right side as you walk down. That has also been converted into a house.

    By Carol Homewood (27/10/2007)
  • I used to live at what was the hairdressers (I had a photo of it when it was called ‘Flair’).  An old work colleague used to buy his sweets there when it was a general store in the 50s before it was the hairdressers.

    By David Munson (14/10/2008)
  • David, I’d love to see the photo of Flair Hairdressers added to here if you still have it. I used to get my hair cut there when I was little in the very early 1970s.

    By Carol Homewood (21/10/2008)
  • I lived in Bernard Road from 1962 to late 80s. I have many great memories. I remember the shop very well and used to go there most days. We lived at 36 and my nan and uncle lived at 38. The factory was opposite our house, I think thay made glass there, then it was used to make hang-gliders. At the bottom of the road was the cemetery where we used to go. I remember the garages at the top of the road where we had a street party for the silver jubilee. Great times. I do have plenty of photos which I will sort out and send.

    By Chris Hedges (13/04/2009)
  • Chris; my mum organized the street party for the Jubilee. I also have photos of the Jubilee. I remember having the food in there and all you could smell was oil and petrol fumes! I’d love to see exchange photos with you, my email address is

    By Carol Homewood (26/04/2009)
  • When we moved to Bernard road almost 20 years ago it was such a lovely road with all the trees. As time has gone by, and old residents have moved out we have unfortunately been taken over by landlords buying up the houses, extending them, i.e. conservatories on the back to make into living rooms, and filling them with seven students. This used to be a family neighbourhood, but sadly not anymore, the rubbish, noise etc that we have had to put up with over the last few years has been unbearable sometimes.

    By Ronnie (29/03/2011)
  • I lived diagonally opposite the corner shop, half way down the road, from 1970 to 1983. The corner shop was owned by a lovely old couple. I believe they sold up because they could not compete with the supermarkets that started opening in the town. I remember playing in the factory after it shut down and dreamed of owning one of the hang gliders they used to make there. The Jubilee was great too, but I was at a party at the bottom end of the street looking a complete p*llock dressed as a stick of rock! Thankfully mum hasn’t found any of the photos!

    By Nigel Fennell (08/09/2011)
  • My Grandparents lived at number 14 Bernard Road (surname Pinn)- my mum was Elinor. I spent a lot of time visiting them and remember my Grandad taking my outside to see the police horse – a grey called Faithful – when he came on his rounds and I was allowed to give him sugar nobs).

    By Sandra Buckle (nee Bunney) (15/04/2012)
  • My Mum would remember Mrs Pinn. The name is familiar to me. Do any of you who lived in the street back then have any photos of the street at all as I am trying to gather some together of the area?

    By Carol Homewood (27/09/2013)
  • My great grandmother, Mrs Piggott, lived 85 Bernard Road. She rented her house for years till she died in the middle 70s. HI have happy memories of playing her piano in the front parlour. She also rented rooms out upstairs to lodgers if I remember correctly . As kids we used to go to the shop up the road to get her cigarettes then stop at the pub nearby with a jug for beer with a lace dollie over it. We used to go to the snug door and wait for the barman or landlady to serve us – it was always on tick until Nanny settled her Bill.

    By Michelle Attridge (13/01/2020)
  • To Michelle Attridge……I remember Mrs Piggott quite well. I lived at number 89 Bernard Road until 1980, when I was 21. She was very old when I was a lad growing up there. She always wore glasses and a woolly hat. She was very spritely, and she used to run up and down that hill with her shopping all the time. She always stopped and talked to my mum, or my sister and I when we saw her.

    By Kevin Bushby. (01/04/2020)
  • Hi Michelle, we have lived at 85 since 1982. A lovely family home. Lovely to hear the happy memories of previous owners.

    By Chris (17/09/2020)
  • I used to live at number 50 from 1970 to 1988 . Great memories hanging out with local kids Paula. Karen, Ian, Nigel Simone etc . We used to go in factory to play was empty as I was growing up great fun . Used to be great neighbours Mr Chris Moon when I was about 13 used to help with my homework we chilled out there for hours . Great childhood memory. My mum sold her house about 11 years ago.

    By Lisa Watson (17/10/2021)

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