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Photographed in January 1959

Blackman Street was acquired by the Council under a Compulsory Purchase Order in 1959.  The street survived, but these houses were demolished in 1962.

Photograph of Blackman Street, early 1960s
Donated by Tony Tree

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  • This photograph was published in ‘Backstreet Brighton’and was dated 1960/62. The houses were demolished shortly after though the street remains, overshadowed by Theobald House. The present commercial units which occupy the site of the houses were erected about 20 years later. Hudson’s Furniture Depository in nearby Station Street remained until approximately 1980; I can remember the first Comet store opening there in the late seventies. Hudson’s used the railway to move furniture in pantechnicons which were loaded on to flat trucks and then horse drawn to their destination.

    By John Blackwell (27/02/2005)
  • I’m sure the building in the background was still standing in 1986 when I first started working in the area.

    By Simon Carey (03/03/2005)
  • I was very interested to find this picture. My great great grandparents, William and Eliza Colebrooke lived and died in Blackman Street between 1840 and 1853, at nos. 35 and 36. Eliza died at noumber 27 in 1853. Is it possible to tell which numbers are shown on this photo?

    By Graham Camfield (20/01/2006)
  • I lived in No.35 Blackman Street for all of my childhood. The family name was Dyson. The numbers shown are from 8 to middle 20s. No 35 was opposite the vehicle shown in this picture.

    By Glenys Roberts (14/02/2006)
  • My great great great grandparents, Edwin and Charlotte Elliott, lived for over 20 years at No 29 which must be just past the truck in the picture. They were living there when they heard that a third son had been killed in WW1.

    By Julie Wade (07/06/2006)
  • My school friend Tony Harris lived in this street in 1953. We both went to Fawcett school.

    By Bernard Hill (20/01/2008)
  • My great great grandparents lived at 29 Blackman Street, Edwin & Charlotte Elliott. Hi Julie, we must be relatives? I am descended from their second eldest son, Arthur Victor Thomas Elliott, born 1876. He lived at No 5 Blackman Street when he married Maud Duke (my great grandmother) she is also from a Brighton family. Yes, Julie is correct, Edwin and Charlotte tragically lost 3 sons in 1917 (Len, Sidney and Douglas) in the Belgium trenches in WWI. I love this website…have learnt so much about old Brighton, such a pity so much of our heritage was pulled down in the 1960’s.

    By Beverly Daniels (25/05/2008)
  • My Father Tony Barnard and all his family also lived in Blackman Street and I still have the letters with refrence to the council purchasing the property.

    By Mark Barnard (15/06/2008)
  • My grandmother (Ivy Brown, later Ivy Hammond) lived in Blackman Street. She later lived in Theobold house and I remember in the late 1960s looking out from her 3rd floor flat over to what was left of the tiny houses in Blackman Street. Some of them were still there but were derelict and rather spooky to me then. I miss those houses (and my Nan of course).

    By Sean cHapman (26/11/2008)
  • My fathers sister lived at 43 Blackman Street. She was Bertha Pettyfer. She also had my grandmother living with her until she died in 1948. She was Mrs Jane (Jennifer) Boxell.

    By John Boxell (29/01/2009)
  • My Mother Mrs Maidment lived at No 6 until purchased by the council. She is now 93 and lives in sheltered accomodation in Brighton. She has often wondered what happened to the Pettyfer family. If you would e mail me John I would like to catch up on the family for her.

    By Pat Le Mouton (15/03/2009)
  • Bertha Pettyfer was my grandmother and I can remember visiting Blackman Street as a child aged up to about 7. She moved to Albion House, Albion Street and died there in her mid 80s. Still warm and jolly up to the end. My father Roy died in 1997, also his brother Derek and sister Joan both pre-deceased him in the late ’80s

    By Ian Pettyfer (18/04/2010)
  • My great grandfather Charles Archard born 1845 – 3, Blackman Street.

    By Vivien Kite (28/05/2010)
  • Dear Patricia, I saw your name on Genes reunited and was about to post the following: It would appear that the Joseph in question was my uncle as my father Philip was born in 1921 and has an elder Sister Bessie who is still alive and has 2 sons, Ernie and Richard (Danny) who live near Southend. I have lived in Ireland and my name is James and my wife Catherine and I have lived for the last 37 Years in the West of Ireland. I have just joined this “Site” and have no family tree yet. Bessie is a fount of knowledge about the family and although she is quite old she is very ‘with it’. Regards Jim

    By James Maidment (13/04/2011)
  • My family the Hoads lived at 38 Blackman Street from 1934 until 1959. My grandparents were called Eward Sydney Hoad, and Violet Mary Hoad and had four children- Frances(Jean), Frederick, Eileen and Derek. Edward’s Mother lived there originally and died there in approx 1935.

    By Shron McNamara (nee Hoad) (24/04/2011)
  • Dear Jim. Have just seen your comment. Please get in touch via e mail Mum often talks of Bessie and the Brothers. Mainly Bessie though. Regards Pat.

    By Pat Le Mouton (02/08/2011)
  • My great grandmother Mary Ann Bryan lived at No 19 Blackman St in 1911. The 1911 census shows her as ‘Head’ …and ‘general shop dealer’. I wonder if her little shop was also in Blackman St. (In 1901 she lived upstairs of her shop in ‘The Lanes’).

    By Valerie (22/09/2011)
  • I cannot believe that I have not looked back at this page and seen the reply from Beverley Daniels in 2008! We are definitely related as my great grandfather was Edwin Ernest Elliott. I am the grandaughter of Lilian Rose who married Frederick Forbes Foot. Frederick Leonard Foot is my father. I have an extensive family history but cannot tell which of Arthur’s children you descend from. I hope you read this soon! Best wishes, Julie

    By Julie Wade (12/01/2013)
  • My mother lived in Blackman St from 1926. Her name was Patricia Davis and she was one of four girls namely Barbara, Vera and Sylvie. My grandparents names were William Thomas Davis and Nelly Davis (nee Piper). My mother never forgot her childhood here and told many stories of the people who lived here. Some names she mentioned, “The Harmans”, “The Winterbottoms”, “Old Joe” who owned a Dees (smokehouse), people she never forgot.

    By Karen Bryant (07/08/2013)
  • Just a footnote to my last comment: After a bit of researching, I have discovered that my Mother was not here in residence in 1926 as I previously stated. My Great Grandparents lived, and my Grandmother was born, in Blucher Place in the 1880s. When my Grandmother married and had her family, they were residents in Wellington Place which is where my Mother had all her wonderful memories! It must have been when these streets were due to be demolished that they moved to Blackman Street. According to the 1945 electoral role 40 Blackman St was occupied by William and Mary Piper (my Great Grandparents). 44, Blackman St was occupied by Harry Piper (brother of my Great Grandfather), 47, Blackman St was occupied by Bill and Nellie Davis (my Grandparents), Patricia (my Mum, Barbara (my Auntie), Sylvia (my Auntie) and George (my Grandmother’s brother). In 1948, my Grandparents Bill and Nellie then took over The Coachmaker’s pub on the corner of Trafalgar St. Sorry about the confusion….totally my fault and muddled memory, but got there in the end.

    By Karen Bryant (21/08/2013)
  • My great great great grandparents  Jane and James Pullinger lived at 21 Blackman Street in 1881. Does anyone know if you can see this house in the picture?

    By Jane Dobson (18/04/2014)
  • Re the information above and the Elliott family of Blackman Street. Could Julie Wade please contact me, we are relatives! My email address is

    By Beverly Daniels (11/09/2014)
  • Thank you so much for posting this picture.  My grandfather Thomas Alfred Peacock was born at no. 15 in 1882. I am assuming that their house is on the other side of the road. His father was Walter Henry Blake Peacock who was listed as an upholsterer and paper hanger in the 1881 census whilst living at this address.

    By Pam Tedder (16/01/2016)
  • Is Blackman a family name? What is the origin? 

    By Julius (15/12/2016)

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