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1940s memories

Bristol Court
Photo by Tony Mould

Air raid siren on the roof

We lived in 3, Bristol Court West from about 1944-50. When we lived there, there was a service door which led onto the roof. That was where the air raid siren was positioned. We crept up there sometimes, but would have been deafened if it had gone off when we were next to it. There was definitely no chance of sleeping through an air raid in Bristol Court.

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Memories of 1945

Our flat looked down at the second-floor balcony facing the seafront. We had a wonderful view of the sea and frolicking people on the front. But even with binoculars, we were too high and distant to watch sunbathers on the beach. The beach was mined and barred until 1945 in case of a German invasion. But I do have wonderful memories of our first swim on a hot autumn day in 1945. I will never forget that.

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  • You can see a c1938 photo of this building on the ‘Hotels’ page on this site.

    By Tim Sargeant (27/04/2014)

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