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Photo from the Nineteenth Century

Campbell Road and London Road railway viaduct
Image reproduced with permission from Brighton History Centre

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  • We lived in Campbell Road from c1945. Our house is pictured on the right looking at the photo, roughly where the lady is standing. I was married from here and moved on, but my family stayed in the street. My brother and sister both owning properties next door to each other at the far end, near the pub. The pub was called The Argyll and was a favourite meeting place for my father and several of my uncles.

    By Pat Gammon (09/03/2007)
  • I currently live at 38 which is just behind the lampost on the right. Am selling up now to move to Australia but have enjoyed living on Campbell Road.

    By Mark Holman-Harris (16/01/2008)
  • My twin sister and I were born at number 28 Campbell Road in April 1961. I lived there till 1993 and have very happy memories about the street. I still remember being freezing in the winter and the frost on the inside of the windows! It was whole houses when we lived there but probably a lot of flats now. I now live in Hove after upping sticks to North Kent and Yorkshire. Glad to be back!

    By Theresa Allen (27/11/2009)
  • I lived at number 33 from the age of four about 1953-4 untill 1965. Our house was on the right just past the white pillars. We rented it at first then bought it for £2,000. My Dad and his new family stayed there untill they moved to Yardley St. I remember having a bathroom with a gas burner under a copper for the hot water. We always lived in the basement as that’s where the scullery and outside toilet were. We mostly had the light on as it was always dark. I helped him paint the railings and the outside once, red annd yellow, my choice! My friends were Anita Bonwick and Brenda Cornford who lived on the same side further up. Stephen Norton’s dad had the mower shop on the corner, it was Woods before that. Jimmy and Tony Mengham lived at number 16 further up on the other side, I found Jim on Friends Reunited. So many stories so many people. I live in Nottingham now but every time I visit I go there. It’s like a magnet.

    By Anne Newman (01/10/2010)
  • Theresa, I remember you and your sister well as I was born at 4,Campbell Rd in 1962. My parents had the house from the ’50s until we sold it in 2008. It was still a whole, very cold, house until then when it was converted into flats!!

    By Gill Friend (19/03/2012)
  • Isn’t it funny how such a small place this is when you meet people from the same place as my father lived for many years. I am now best freinds since 18yrs old with Theresa Allen. and my mum and dad lived with you Gill friend. I remember you, Mum has some photos of you when you were younger and the rest of the family and little Yemi if I remember correctly, whom your mum Frieda fostered. My mum’s name was Carol known as Wendy and my father, Raymond. I now live in Hove and got married in 1997 first time at the tender age of 48yrs. I have a son, Liam whom is 19yrs. Be nice to hear from you.

    By Angela Curran (nee) Ridpath (29/03/2012)
  • Hi Angela and Gill (my sister) I moved out of no 4 when I married in 1973 and now live in North Queensland Australia. I remember helping my dad to redecorate your kitchen ready for your mum to come home from hospital with ?your younger brother or sister? as a new baby. I think you moved out soon afterwards when you were allocated a council house but we came and visited you there a couple of times.

    By Helen Holmes (29/12/2012)
  • I lived at number 38 Campbell Road with my parents and my nan and grandad.  I remember Theresa Allen and Gill, I was at school with both of you at St Barts.  I was in touch with Gill recently. I now live in Polegate with my hubby and daughter.

    By Amanda Brewerton (29/01/2016)
  • As the only female Friend who hasn’t contributed to this discussion I thought I’d better join in. I definitely remember some of you mentioned on here. I now live in Ipswich and don’t really have any ties to Brighton now, other than some friends who I still speak to occasionally. The street itself hasn’t changed much, except for the absence of cars. Other than that it doesn’t look much different. Very few of the houses will be left as complete houses now as most seem to have been converted.
    Mum and Dad paid about £1200 for the house in 1958. It had all been done up before they moved in. Not sure what it would be worth now but we sold it for £250,000 in 2009 and it has been converted to flats since then. I have recently made contact with Angela on Facebook.  

    By Marilyn Coates (01/01/2017)
  • Happy birthday to Theresa and Mary Allen 4/17

    By Roger Hughes (17/04/2018)
  • My nan and grandad lived at 38 Campbell Road from around 1945, and my nan lived there until the 1970s. We lived with them for a couple of years and often played in the street, my cousins lived at 19 and 20. Loved that house!

    By Amanda Tidey (16/10/2020)
  • Any one remember a Lilian Doris Deveson who lived at number 11 Campbell Road from around 1946 onwards Any information would be gratefully be received ….long lost relation.

    By Rosemary (28/10/2021)

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