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Photo of the National School, 1979

Corner of Carlton Hill and John Street, September 1979. Foreground shows National School (now used for further education). In background, Albion Hill Tower Blocks and the Lion and Unicorn public house.
Image reproduced with permission from Brighton History Centre

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  • The photo of the National School was in my day, known to me as St John’s Infant School, which I attended from 1944 until I went across the road to the Juniors. At that time I lived in White Street.

    By David H Wickham (11/05/2006)
  • Does anyone know when the National School on corner of Carlton Hill and John Street was built?

    By Hilary Wild (06/10/2006)
  • I went to St Johns School. l was born 1944 and was about three years old when l went there. l remember little canvas beds for naps. I lived in Kingswood Flats, or Mansions it was called then.

    By Sheila Jones (15/08/2007)
  • You are so right. What is your big brother doing? Would be good to be in contact with you both, and the rest of the people who come that area. We could tell some tales – the book would be a best seller! Kathleen Catt must stop writing, give someone else a chance!

    By Kathleen Catt (30/01/2011)
  • I used to go to St John’s infants and, like Alan Purton, I went up to the new school when that opened, then across the road. Also Mr Hambridge was my head master and I had many a good whack from him with the cane or strap. Plus I can also remember the John Street Police station being built as it was right outside my class room window. I can thank Mr Hambridge for one thing – he started me boxing and I ended up winning a school boy boxing cup which I found out was the ABA for school boys. The school did have a boxing team but I can’t remember any names or who won or lost, the only thing I can remember were two brothers in the team. One name comes to mind, a friend who I bumped into a few years ago in Brighton – Tony Angel.

    By Donald Waller (09/06/2011)
  • Hello Tarner Stories is a lottery funded History project and we are looking for people with memories and photos of the area. The images and stories would be used within a book or on a website. It’s a really exciting project about an important part of Brighton’s heritage. Please email and contact Chloe or Jess

    By Chloe Howley (11/06/2011)
  • Hi, I have in my possession a hand tinted engraving of the “National School” with a dedication “To the Reverend HM Wagner Vicar of Brighton, Sussex. This print of the National School is respectfully dedicated by his obedient servant.” I would be happy to send a jpeg if it is of any interest and or find a way it could be used in the building. Email

    By john williamson (06/09/2011)

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