Some things have changed

I moved to Brighton and Hove twenty years ago from Devon. I moved here because a lot of my friends and family live here.

I have seen a lot of changes in Brighton and Hove over the past twenty years. The town has become much busier and there are lots of more shops and cafes.

I am profoundly deaf and I live near the Brighton Deaf Centre on Carlton Hill, which I visit sometimes on a Saturday night when they have a Social Club.

Carlton Hill has not changed a lot over the years I have been here, apart from the new flats that they are building. I also enjoy walking up Blaker Street as all the houses (well, most of them) are all different colours. I think it makes the street more personal.

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  • Surely this page is a photo of White St. and at the top the former church of St Johns on the left, with the Riley Hall on the right. I lived at 15 White St from 1940 until 1949 and was in the church choir 1948/49 before I moved away.

    By David Wickham (18/05/2006)
  • Does anyone know Lottie Emery from Upper Park Place. She lived here around the 1940s. I would love to know if anyone knew her and the family please.

    By Maria Seabourne (11/09/2010)
  • This is White Street and it has not changed to this day.

    By john eaton (13/07/2011)
  • My grandmother was Charlotte Emery and lived in Upper Park Place. I think they ran the Red Lion. She died in 1936 so perhaps it’s coincidence or it may be her daughter. Regards Mary

    By Mary (07/02/2013)

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