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History of 55 Church Road, Portslade
Account of a family home in South Portslade near Copperas gap

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  • If walls could talk! It was brilliant to read the history of no. 55. My mother Jessie Browning was a friend of the family, being born off North Street going to school at St Peters and working at the Star Laundry. It brought back back memories as my parents, like Alf and his wife, lived in Fairway Crescent. I am sure that my brother Micheal will remember Alan when I ring him tonight as he lives in Brighton, and I am now in Southern Ireland. We were only talking about the Boxalls and the Languishes the other day, and he said he wished he knew where they were. Thank you again for the memories.

    By Cait O'Shea (12/03/2004)
  • Thanks for your comments Cait. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip down memory lane. Alf and Florence were my grand parents so I can tell you all about the Boxall and Langrish families if you wish to contact me via my genealogy site at: We are still in Sussex.

    By Jan Hamblett (10/04/2004)
  • With reference to the waste ground, now Vale Park; my mother remembers the unfortunate accident that took place there. It was a friend of my father’s and another friend tried to rescue the young lad. I am led to believe that the would be rescuer was a Frank Lucas, also from Church Road, and he was rewarded for his valiant efforts with a bicycle presented by the then Mayor of Hove. I would imagine that that was quite a reward for those days and rightly so.

    By Dave Phillips (24/05/2006)
  • My mother’s family, the Bridgers, lived next door at No.57 for many years.

    By Tony Clevett (23/07/2006)
  • My dad’s family lived at 33 Church Road from the time my nan and grandad married until 1978 when nan died. They were Ruth and Bert Farrant and my dad was Brian. My nan was born at the house next door along which I think is 31. Her maiden name was Comber.

    By Sue Kerly (27/10/2006)
  • I went to St Mary’s school from 1950 to about 1955. Vale Park at the time was known by us as the dump. I lived in St Leonards Avenue which was just east of Boundary Road. Therefore we used to cross this dump to get home. I clearly remember finding old gas masks and tin helmets and other artifacts of the Second World War. On the opposie side of the dump from Vale Road as you exited it, there was a large red tin building owned by Brooke Bond Tea and further up the road was the Rothbury Cinema and opposite the cinema was a Company called Family Television which later became Sound Diffusion. I remember also a man who used to practice throwing the hammer on the dump, we used to hide behind some built up earth and make noises just to put him off (as boys do). Well one day he dropped his hammer and chased us, I had never been so scared. He was a huge man so we decided after that to not do it again.

    By David Broad (09/09/2007)
  • Hi David Broad, thanks for reminding me about the dump. I went to St Mary’s School at the same time and had some great times there.

    By Eddie McCabe (16/04/2008)
  • I would also like to thank you for reminding me of the Vale Road dump. In my time they started to tidy it up (1956) I lived in Trafalgar Road and used to cross it to get to Saturday morning pictures. Up to Boundry Road first for four dominos (fags) in an open paper packet and back down Vale Road after and stop off at a building on the right which was a small scrap yard but you could get tin helmets, gas masks and metal washers and all sorts.

    By Mick Pittock (07/10/2009)
  • Aplogies that the link for 55 Church Road has been down for a while.
    We are working on a fix and will restore a page soon.

    By Ray Hamblett (10/07/2017)
  • In case you haven’t noticed and wish to read the story, the site has been restored. Please follow the link

    By Ray Hamblett (14/08/2019)

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