Destroyed by fire again

The building with the distinctive round tower is at the junction of Eastbrook Road and Church Road, South Portslade, was originally a chemist in the 1930’s era, as recalled by my father-in-law Bernard Langrish.

In the early or mid 1970’s it was almost destroyed by a fire, then the shop and adjoining residence was taken over by the Harvey family who still run the theatrical costume shop in Trafalgar Road (as far as I know). In October 2007 it was again badly damaged by fire and has had to be demolished.

Any further memories or details of this building would be most welcome..

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  • Does anybody remember the Cub group which met in the old hut on the corner of St Andrew’s Road? It had a good football team [1956-58] and we used to play on Portslade Rec every Saturday. Mrs Mower was Akela and Fred(?) ran both the scouts and cubs. This last bit may be a sign of failing memory.

    By Dudley Whittaker (16/05/2008)
  • Hi, my cousin Derek Cottis ran the shouts about that time. I remember Mrs Mower. She had a daughter Sandra.

    By Jac (18/11/2008)
  • Yep – I remember the cubs/scouts and the Mowera.

    By Brian Phillips (05/06/2009)
  • I was looked after by the Mowers when my Mum was working. Vic, their son, was a little older than me and I joined the cubs later. Often got told off for mucking about, but eventually became a Sixer and carried the flag when the Queen came to the Goldstone Ground.

    By David Foster-Smith (18/08/2009)
  • The Scout group was/is the 14th Hove. When I was on the fundraising/parents committee Ernie Woolgar was the Group Scout leader, assisted by his sister, Sylvia, as Akela and brother- in-law Arthur Watson as Scout leader. We raised enough funds to build the new HQ in Vale Park after the old hut burned down.

    By June Churchill nee Bates (08/06/2010)
  • I remember this shop in the 50s & early 60s, it was a bakery run by two old ladies called Zwartou. Next door was a grocery shop, I think it was Howards, they had two sons Paul and Tony. Then a fish and chip shop owned by Bundys. Next to that a post office.

    By Camden Street (08/04/2012)
  • Still alive and kicking – Mum (Marjorie Mower at nearly 91 years), Fred, Sandra, and Vic (me). I remember the names Dudley Whittaker, Derek Cotis but would possibly pass them on an identity parade…perhaps not! Happy days long gone, morals and principles diminished by time and politics. No more British Bulldog – wimps. I remember those fresh mornings at cub/ scout camps, or getting up to take my newspaper delivery load from Andrews? newspaper shop opposite the scout/cub hall. Riding my motorcycle (taking an occasional thrill chance) on the odd occasion to get the deliveries done and test my maintenance. We worked hard then – three paper rounds and a bakers round or Saturday shop job. Politics didn’t get in the way and we were better for it, if only I was in power! The kids would again enjoy life and respect themselves. Can’t turn back the clock though. Love to all and keep on kicking! Vic.

    By Victor Mower (19/02/2013)
  • The 14th Hove Scout Group will have been going for 65 years in February 2014 and we are hoping to mark the anniversary with a party (perhaps). We would love to hear from any old members of the 14th Hove Group and also some clarification on the name which I understand is 14th Hove St Andrew’s Portslade, what I am not sure about is if the are any commas or brackets before / after St Andrews or Portslade.

    By Sally Thorley (30/03/2013)
  • Hallo Vic. What a nice surprise discovering that your mum is still doing well. I remember her fondly from the years I was in the Cubs and Scouts. She was a lovely lady and the Cubs meant more to me than she probably knew at the time. Those were interesting days and I have some fond memories of Portslade. I doubt that she’ll remember me but do give her my best wishes when you speak to her. Now living in Suffolk, whenever I visit Portslade, it’s barely recognisable from the 1950s but that’s probably true of most places. Several years ago I contributed to this website under the heading of “North street” and if you’ve read it hopefully it struck a few chords. I hope you are keeping well.

    By Dudley Whittaker (06/06/2013)
  • I stumbled over this web site by accident recently and thought I should add a short note. Like Vic, I did an evening paper round from Menghams papershop opposite the cub hall. I remember going to the chip shop in Church road afterwards and getting chips for 4d. Cost a bit more now! I moved to Romsey in Hampshire in the late 60s and am now retired (and still eating chips).

    By Mike Wenman ( Mick) (19/05/2017)
  • What a brilliant range of snippets from the past…
    I was a Brownie in that scout hut in the 60’s. Each six used to go on little walks where you tossed a coin on every corner, heads was right and tails was left, and see how long it took to get back …how easily we were entertained lol …those were the days,and I did a paper round from Menghams papershop across the road. I remember the grocershop on the corner too,was It Young’s? I believe it was, anyone remember Mr Young?
    I also have a vague recollection of the papermill burning (think it was a papermill – I was young lol) down on the corner of Church road and North St does anyone else recall that?

    We lived right opposite the chippy and the post Office – I went to St Andrews infants and then Benfield.
    My dad worked at MB Metals, down near the seafront.
    Goodness it all seems so long ago…and yet somehow not so much.
    I live in France now.

    By R Burke (11/07/2018)
  • I was a member of 14th Hove Scout group under Derek Cotis and alongside Pete Sayers (sadly deceased). Yes, I used to enjoy British bulldog, alongside many other activities. We both joined the affiliated church choir with Derek. Good old days and happy memories.

    By Mike Horabin (01/04/2019)
  • I have a picture from when it was the corner house cafe. Not sure what era, my grand mothers dad used to run it from what she told me.

    By James Elliott-Martin (03/08/2022)

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