Photographed c1930s

This photograph was commissioned by the Environmental Health department of Brighton Borough Council. It was photographed as part of a visual record of areas considered for slum clearance.

Believed to be Claremont Place
Reproduced courtesy of Royal Pavilion, Libraries & Museums, Brighton & Hove

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  • My great-grandfather George Vane lived with his wife Rhoda and their family at 2 Claremont Row in 1881. I wonder if that is the house on the corner in this photo?

    By Nick Pattenden (15/12/2007)
  • Hi, my name is Richard. My father was born in 1919 in 22 Claremont Row, as was most of the family. There was Stanley, my dad, my uncles Ron and Charlie, Ivy, Violet, Reg, Ernest, Dot and Edith. The last four died at an early age. Any info on Claremont Row would be very welcome. Also my uncle John was a young lad age about 12 when my Dad was born. He was born in 22 Russell Street. My Gran & Grandad’s names were Louisa & John T Groves

    By Mr Richard Groves (20/10/2009)
  • My grandad George Stanley Taylor was born in 1916 and lived at 25 Claremont Row with his family- parents William and Eliza and other children including William, Lillian, Samual, John and Robert and mother of Eliza – Emily Hills. It would be great to hear from you if you knew them or your family knew. I live in New Zealand in Auckland.

    By Benjamin Taylor (02/07/2013)
  • This picture is Claremont Place not Claremont Row. The street below Claremont Place was Claremont Street (where i lived from 1941-1958). Then the street below was Claremont Row. There was a row of prefabs and Richmond Street School was on the corner during my time at the school. Houses may have been demolished during the 1930s to give way to the future prefabs. Dinapore Street ran from Albion Hill to Richmond Street continuing as Claremont Place until reaching Sussex Street.

    By Sheila Barclay (nee Hayward) (02/11/2013)
  • Sheila’s correction is supported by James Gray in his wonderful collection. (Claremont Row was a much narrower street.) There is a view of Claremont Place in Volume 27 Image 36 which is almost the same as the one shown here. 

    By Alan Hobden (02/11/2013)
  • If you look at the top right of this page, under the heading “More about…” you can click on an alternative link to a picture of Claremont Row “Photographed c1930s”. This brings up a completely different photo, which appears to be correctly captioned. As the name “Row” suggests, it is much narrower than the photo of Claremont Place in this section.

    By Alan Hobden (03/11/2013)
  • As mentioned above, this is not Claremont Row. I lived in a prefab in Claremont Row in the late 1940s. The prefab was opposite Richmond Street School, which I attended. The school would be evident in this photo, which it is not.  It is wrongly captioned and catalogued. 

    Editor’s note: thanks to all who suggested that the museum had wrongly titled the photo – I have amended the title. Jennifer

    By Trevor Duplock (14/08/2014)

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