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Primrose Laundry

Response to a comment

I was reading the comment posted by Gill Wales with regard to the Primrose Laundry in Crescent Road. I thought she might be interested to see this old photograph of the Primrose Laundry. I collect old postcards and I have this one from my collection. it has not been through the post, so no visible post stamp, but I would think it was c1910.

Original comment

Primrose Laundry was at 22 Crescent Road. The sign is still faintly visible on the wall today. It was my great great grandparents’ business. I have some photos of the laundry workers from around 1910. it was still operating in the early 1960s and I used to visit the premises often.  Lovely to see it remembered though. There were lots of laundries in the Roundhill area in this period.  There is an interesting chapter about them in the book ‘Rose Hill to Round Hill‘. (Gill Wales)

Click on the photograph to open a large version in a new window.

Primrose Laundry, Crescent Road
From the private collection of Brian Hough

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  • Thank you, Brian. I’ve only just spotted your post, so apologies for the late response. I’ve seen this image before, in the Rose Hill to Round Hill book, but hadn’t realised it was a postcard. The people in the photo are my great great aunt Maud Tidey and her brother, my great grandfather William.

    By Gill Wales (08/01/2020)

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