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The happiest days of my life

Cromwell Road: number 2 is the first house on the left
Photo by Tony Mould

My bohemian grandmother

I used to live in the basement flat of 2 Cromwell Road with my wonderful bohemian grandmother from 1965 – 1978. Does anyone remember Willit’s Wood Yard? Of course I may have the name wrong – it was at the back of the dairy. It is long gone I know, but there were some wonderful old carpenters that worked there. It seemed that they always had time to talk to me; I will never forget the wonderful aroma of wood. And whenever I encounter the smell of wood it evokes poignant memories for me.

Wonderful nostalgic memories

I remember there being the Southwick Hill Farm Dairy behind the house, is that still there? I remember the kindly milkmen that worked there who always spoke to me as I played down the alley beside the house, and was the entrance to dairy. I have so many nostalgic childhood memories of that amazing Victorian house. I would often sit on the gatepost reading. I remember crying bitterly when I had to leave my childhood home to move to London, I never got over it. I often think of those wonderful carefree times running wild and free up and down Cromwell Road, they were some of the happiest days of my life.

Do you remember

Did you ever live in Cromwell Road? Maybe you live there now? If you can share your memories or views of the area, please leave a comment below.

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  • Many thanks for posting this guys. Brought tears to my eyes seeing the picture of 2 Cromwell Road and my thoughts posted by it.

    By Sophie Fox (28/06/2014)
  • I remember your grandmother well as I lived in the top floor flat (5) of the same block from 1958 to ’62. She had a cat called Goosey, if I remember. It was Willets the builder’s yard round the back. I used to play in there with my mate from flat 3 Paul Ridgeway, most famously when I fell over on a pile of bricks, ended up with one through my knee and a trip to A&E at Hove General in Sackville Road. Also round the back was then a Lyons Tea depot with a yard out front to play football. I lived there during the time they knocked down the cinema at Hove Station and built the bowling alley (now a post office depot).

    By Mick Wright (31/07/2016)
  • Hi Mick So glad you remember my gran, she was quite a character and loved her cats. So glad you have happy memories of the area. I don’t remember the cinema but I do remember the bowling alley as a small child. Sadly they knocked it down, along with a dancing school. Thank goodness you remember Willets too. Sometimes our childhood memories seem like distant dreams. Thank you for adding your memories.

    By Sophie Fox (28/08/2016)
  • I have recently moved into Flat 3, 2 Cromwell Road.

    By Nigel Hoyes-Cock (30/01/2018)

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