Notes and queries: Spitfire House

Can anyone help with the history of the office block, Spitfire House, in Davigdor Road? In particular why the building is called Spitfire? Now occupied by Syntegra, it has a plaque outside that says it was opened by Nurdin and Peacock with a picture of a Spitfire plane on it.

Response 1:Posted by Jasper Stevens on 17/08/2001:

“During the war a Spitfire crashlanded on a wall at the junction of Holland Road (west side) and Lyndhurst Road, just round the corner from the present Spitfire House. If you look really carefully at the wall round the front garden of the house where it crashed you can just about trace where the newer brickwork was built to repair the crash damage.”

Response 2:Posted by Martin Hassett on 20/08/2001:

“The story I heard was that the MD of Newey & Eyre (or whatever the name of the first occupants was!) actually flew Spitfires during the war and, being so enamoured with Supermarine’s flying icon, decided that Spitfire House would be just the name for his flashy, new company HQ (well, it was then!). Of course, this story does not necessarily preclude the other!”

Comments about this page

  • Nurdin & Peacock owned the whole site on which now stands Spitfire House and Wickes. It operated as a cash and carry behind Spitfire House for some years after Spitfire was built, but was eventually knocked down and redeveloped. The original tenants of the building were Fireman’s Fund Systems Enterprises, who morphed into Telecom ACT and then Syntegra who have now moved out.

    By Andrew Mills (06/03/2003)
  • I work at Legal and General on the corner of Montefiore Road and I would like to know what the building was before the wonderful company I work for took it over. Any Ideas?

    By Kelly (06/05/2005)
  • The Legal and General building was formerly Hanningtons Furniture Depository.

    By Trevor Harvey (29/12/2005)
  • Does anyone remember the church that used to be on the corner of Davigdor Road and Holland Road which is now flats I think? I seem to remember it had a tall spire – I used to go to Sunbeam Play Nursery there back in the late 60’s. Come to think of it…does anyone have photos of this church or even Davigdor Infants School that used to be opposite it?

    By Giles Allsop (05/01/2006)
  • My mother remembers the name of this church, it was St Cuthberts Presbyterian Church and was demolished in 1984.

    By Giles Allsop (19/01/2006)
  • I attended St Cuthbert’s Presbyterian Church Sunday School from about the age of 5 to the age of 15. It was a great family atmosphere and was like a second family. We won Sunday school prizes for good attendance. I still have my leather bound bible from St Cuthbert’s. Attendances fell and the church was bought by I think a Michael Mendoza who tried to run events there. Unfortunately, the locals complained which led to it being demolished in the 80s. This I think was a real crime as it was such a beautiful building, both inside and out. Many great buildings in Brighton and Hove have been needlessly demolished.

    By Sue Boxell (18/10/2006)
  • It wasn’t a Spitfire that crashed at the junction of Holland and Lyndhurst Roads and its wasn’t WWII. It happened in the 1930s and I believe it was a bi-plane. The pilot escaped the plane and parachuted to land safely on the Dyke Road.

    By Peter Groves (27/10/2006)
  • A single-seater Bristol fighter crashed here on January 24th1938. The pilot landed by parachute in Beaconsfield Road, his only injuries being bruises and a cut tongue.

    By Brian Churchill (20/10/2007)
  • I lived in Farm Road and went to Davigdor Infants. The main thing I remember was the ice factory just down in Holland Road and I remember a Miss Austin. I was always in trouble with her. I then went to George Street, Hove.

    By george pickett (27/02/2008)
  • I attended Davigdor Secondary Modern School for Girls in Davigdor Road (long since demolished) between September 1968 and October 1970 when I moved to Uckfield. Does anyone remember those days (or me?)

    By Ann Sellers (née Ritchie) (29/04/2008)
  • Wasn’t the junction with Davigdor Road and Holland Road called ‘ation corner’?  This was because there was education (the school), salvation (the church) and damnation (the pub).  Was there another establisment with ation on the end? I’ve always wondered.
    In reply to Ann Ritchie – I remember you very well, would love to hear from you.

    By Celia Proud (12/08/2008)
  • I attended this school when Mrs Dunster was head.

    By V Glyde (30/09/2008)
  • I too attended Davigdor School for Girls in the mid fifties. Mrs Dunster was my headmistress as well. I remember her being very strict, must say I didn’t get on very well with her, unlike my form mistress Mrs Larter. I loved her. Never once did I fib to her. She knew if I said I wasn’t talking ,then I wasn’t, unlike Mr Hocking who was our art teacher.He banned me from his class for my last two terms at school, as he said I made a remark during lesson time. It was’tt me but I got the blame, much to Mrs Larter’s annoyance

    By Marlene Hornby nee Mawer (19/11/2008)
  • I went to the Davigdor Road Infants school when the headmistress was a kindly Miss Arrowsmith. She used to be my mothers teacher back in the 1930s but I don’t know which school that was at. I used to go to the Holland Road Baptist Church on a Sunday and we would sometimes have coach trips to places of interest.
    I also went to George Street school where the headmaster was I believe, Mr Wilson. About this time my cat was poisoned and I was upset about it. Mr Wilson lived in Gladys Road I think, near the Old Shoreham Road, and I was invited to tea at their house as they knew someone whose cat had had kittens and I was allowed to have one. While I was at George Street school we used to go through a gate at the rear of the building, that brought us into the churchyard of St Andrew’s Church and we would have nature lessons, or sometimes a story.
    One day when I went home for lunch (3 farthings on the bus to Brunswick Square) the bus was stopped from going past the junction of Holland Road as the big Palmera Stores on the corner, was on fire.

    By Lyn_Ok (09/01/2009)
  • I went to Davigdor Infants in 1956. Miss Arrowsmith was headmistress. The only friend I remember was Glenden Miller. I then went to the secondary with Mrs Dunstun as headmistress. I was in Mrs Tolson’s form. I  remember Mr Hocking, Mr Niblet and Mrs Stapleton. Does anyone remember me?

    By Michelle Bayley nee Dixon (05/02/2009)
  • We must have been at Davigdor about the same time Michelle. I was there between 1958 – 1964. I too was in Mrs Tolson’s form and remember Mr Hocking teaching Maths and Shorthand, Mr Niblet Science and Maths and Mrs Stapleton English. Mrs Dann was Deputy Head when I was there but I believe Mrs Stapleton became Deputy Head when Mrs Dann retired. I remember Mr Hocking sending you out of his class if you ever dared to cough in one of his classes. Mr Niblet was great though. One of my abiding memories of him was the time one of his experiments in a Science class exploded. It was only a small explosion and no one was hurt but there was a great deal of laughter. I remember school carol concerts at St. Cuthberts where the minister at the time was the Rev Harries-Rees. We also had visits to the baby clinic which I think were held in the basement of the church,the extent of “sex education” in those days. In answer to the post above re “ation corner”. The missing one is “illumination” on the north-east corner where Seeboard had offices or a depot. Was sorry to see the old school building go but at least it’s been replaced by a decent looking block of flats and not a Sainsbury’s superstore as first envisaged.

    By Gillian Hibberd nee Evans (20/02/2009)
  • I used to work in Cambridge House (the dark glass-clad building near Wickes). The building itself is quite old and we heard some very odd rumours about night security guards handing in their notice after one shift etc. There was a story that in WW2 a lot of people sheltering in the basement were killed by bomb blast, but I haven’t been able to find any references to this online. Any ideas?

    By Steve B (03/03/2009)
  • Re Celia Proud’s note on ‘ation corner, the other ‘ation was generation. Apparently some sort of electricity utility made up the forth – hence the name Fouration Corner. Happy to complete that one.

    By Bernard Harper (09/03/2009)
  • I used to live in warwick court Davigdor Road from 1965 to 1976 and I remember the Hanningtons Storage Depot, and a funeral Directors in Montifiore Road, just along from the storage depot. Also there was a little Off-Licence up there near the Dyke Road entance. The other thing I remeber viividly was the Unigate Dairies Bottling depot down Davigdor Road and the Palmeira Pub.

    By Jelli (17/06/2009)
  • I worked in Davigdor Road in 1956 for the Co-op in the garage that was between the School & the big Unigate Dairies that employed a lot of people they had the milk brought in from the farms then they bottled it.The Co-op then moved to a big unit in Portland road with a bakery laundry & workshop.

    By Brian Peskett (23/06/2009)
  • While I was living with my parents in Denmark Villas, I remember Davigdor Road, I used to go to ballet and drama lessons in the church hall in 1969. I also remember the school and Unigate Dairies.

    By Jackie (28/07/2009)
  • Oh yes! 1961-1965, I remember my Davigdor schooldays well!! Not the easiest days of my life, being the sister of two others brighter than myself attending at the same time. Breaks were good fun though! Hiding and escaping from teachers on patrol, in various nooks and crannies in the building to avoid going out into the cold at breaktimes. Getting stuck, locked in (and caught) in the huge storage room downstairs in what we called ‘the dungeons’ (the lower corridor, opposite the craft room), wasn’t quite so funny and resulted in a long lonely stand in the hallway, praying not to hear the vibration of Mrs D’s footsteps behind me! Joking aside we had some great teachers, apart from those that absolutely terrified me (including Mrs Dunster). I guess those that had the most effect on me were Mrs Bowen – Maths and Games (my house tutor), Mrs Wells – do as I say not as I do - needlework teacher, Mrs Robinson – Art and Craft, Mrs Merrifield – French and Poetry, Miss Howe  – English and Drama (we really didn’t make her job very easy – sorry!) and of course Miss Gander – English and Country Dancing – she passed away a year or so ago, and I understand that until she died she continued to refer affectionately to us all as “my girls”. We couldn’t have been such a bad lot after all – could we?

    By Cheryl Magee (27/08/2009)
  • Celia - I remember you from St Andrews. I also went to Davigdor for Girls and your sister Victoria was in my class. You lived in Pembroke Creccent didn’t you? Oh happy days – where did they go?

    By Lynn Tarry (19/09/2009)
  • Wow, this is amazing. I was at Davigdor Sec. Modern School from 1959 to 1964 and remember all these teachers, although I don’t recall any of your names. A lot of the teachers terrified me too – namely Mrs Dunster, Mrs Bowen (even more so) and Mrs Dann. I have very fond memories of Miss Gander who instilled the love of English Grammar in me, Mrs Merrifield who taught French and always dressed in the latest sixties two-piece and high heels, Mrs Robinson who was my form teacher, Mr Niblet who always had us in fits of laughter, and Mr Hocking – well, I don’t think there is anyone else like him today! But I tend to think that academically it was not a good school because we were not allowed to take more than 3 GCE’s and there was no 6th form. The assumption was that you would leave at 15 or 16 and get married. What does anyone else think?

    By Valerie Kaye (04/10/2009)
  • I was at Davigdor Road until 1957 when I left to go to school for a year in the States. I remember Mrs Dunster wacking anyone out of line in the hall. Mr Trevett trying to take us for French (I think) and being totally unable to ever control the class. Mr Niblet was just the best, science was always so exciting and he would shout and throw things and do wonderful dangerous experiments, no health and safety worries then! I seem to remember a very fashionable Miss French – did she turn into Mrs Merrifield, she always wore wonderful colour co-ordinated upswept glasses. Miss Gander as well, also horrible school dinners, arriving in cans and being served on scratched stained plastic type plates.  Did we ever have any photos taken there, I dont have one.

    By Barbara Goble nee Hutchinson (03/11/2009)
  • Valerie Kaye, I remember your being in my class! We studied English Lit with Miss Gander in the library. You sat next to Susan Friswell (her posture perfectly poised from ballet training). In between us sat Rosie Hayden, Gail Searle, Veronica Chase and Elise Ward! I would love to hear from you. My email address is on Facebook (Jackie Collins-Buck) or try this

    By Jackie Collins-Buck (03/02/2010)
  • Hello – my twin sister and I attended Davigdor from Goldsmith Junior. I was in Miss Newman’s tutor class and Jo was in Miss Gander’s. I loved secondary school – and the teachers – Miss Edmunds who taught Geog. and Miss Newman (later Mrs Newman Starley) were my favourites. I remember loads of my class – Julie Dicker, Verna Bennett, Paula Chapman, Anna and Valerie, Lyn Beck, Carol Coville, Nicola Proud – some of us went on the school cruise with a large teacher with ginger hair. We were there from about 1964-68. I left to go to the Nursery Training Centre to train to be a nursery nurse and Jo stayed on an extra year and became a dental nurse. I have since trained as a teacher myself! Once, being in charge of hymn books I left the cupboard key at home and as we lived at the Seven Dials I had no time to get it before assembly – I had to go up on the stage and tell Mrs Dunster I hadn’t got it – in front of everyone – very nerve wracking!

    By Jenny Beecher (17/02/2010)
  • Message for Valerie Kaye! Hello Valerie – this is Susan Friswell. I saw your comments on our old school and was excited to see so many names I remember! Where are you and what are you doing? I live in Sydney and have done for the past 40 years and have two children – Matthew and Sarah who are both married and I’m expecting my first grandchild very soon. I also remember your brother Peter. Would love to hear from you or anyone who reads this who may remember me! My email is

    By Susan Lowe (nee Friswell) (07/03/2010)
  • Hi Celia, remember you and your other sister Deborah who was in my class at St Andrews and Davigdor. Remember a great birthday party at your house in Pemborke Crescent. A life-time ago. I am still in touch with Ruth Dempster and sisters. Happy memories.

    By Karen Cooper (nee Nichols) (16/06/2010)
  • I was at Davigdor from about 1966- 197. Mrs dunston was one to fear. Mrs Bowen was the best- at least you knew where you stood and the only one that I respected. Miss Lindon was RE and Mrs Mckenzi, music. I was glad to leave though and it must have had the worst reputation of all the schools. I can’t find any other places where it comes up.

    By christina (carey) smith (29/10/2010)
  • Enjoyed reading the comments re: Davigdor School for Girls. I attended from 1961 to 1966. Had friends called Sandra Baker, Doris Hayler, Sheila Roberts, Carol Mills. Also remember Denise Inkpen (I think she may have been Head Girl), Pamela Huck, Ann Skinner. Looking back it was a funny old school but some of the teachers were great and very patient i.e Mr Niblett (my form teacher), Mrs Wells needlework teacher, Miss Gander ( remember locking her in the cupboard at the end of term for a short while!) 60 years old now, where did those years in between go. Thanks for making me remember them.

    By Barbara Fray (nee Montier) (28/12/2010)
  • I was at Davigdor Sec Modern from 1954-1958 along with my sister Sandra who is a year younger. Mr Trevett was the nicest Teacher. Mr Hocking…shocking. I also remember Mr Niblett, Mrs Larter, Mrs Dann and YES the head Mrs Dunster. I remember the swimming pool undergroud…although it was never used during our time there. Milk..left next to the fire…ugh!!! frozen pipes when we got sent home. Oh the good old days.

    By Patricia Brooker (Pat Morren) (15/02/2011)
  • Hello ex Davigdor Girls. I was in Miss Simcoc`s class. I remember Miss Dunster scaring the pants off everyone, Mrs. Bowen, Mr Niblett, Mr. Hocking, Mrs Tunstall, Mrs. French, Mrs. Bonham and Mrs. Dann. Some of the girls I remember from my class: Jackie Evans, Sandra and Valerie Enoch, Rachel Devereaux, Yvonne Vandensteen, Pamela Tugwell, Natalie Burditch, Anne Sketchley. They were a nice group in my class. The air raid siren, from a building over the road, used to be tested regularly until I left the school. The ice factory overlooked the playground and we must have looked a pretty sight playing netball in our very attractive navy knickers! I hope all you Davigdorians are doing well. 

    By Pamela Williams (27/07/2011)
  • Great to see ex Davigdor Road girls’ comments. I was there from 1955 until 1958 and remember Patricia Morren and Barbara Hutchingson. We were in Mr Hocking’s class. I enjoyed my years there, also remember Joan Stenning, Jackie Joynes, Anita Daum, Christine Gray, Sally Piers, great times. Miss Gander took us for French and Country Dancing. Mr Niblett for Science, Jemima the class skeleton stood at the rear of the class. Miss Taman was our Cookery teacher, and we were of course guarded by the imfamous Mrs Dunster. Happy days remembered by me, now a sixty eight year old grandmother of eight.

    By Prue Stoner (14/08/2011)
  • This page made me smile remembering my days at Davigdor, can’t say I enjoyed it much though. It’s funny how a few people have said Mr Niblett was a good teacher – I only remember disliking him. But Mrs Bowen was a fantastic teacher, Mrs Wells was my form teacher and was very kind always, Miss Edmunds (Geography) enjoyed her class, Miss Gander I always remember as very approachable. I have to say I was very glad to leave although Mr Niblett said I would always regret it. Well, sorry to say Sir, I never did!

    By Jackie Wheatland (nee Slaughter) (08/01/2012)
  • Hello fellow Davigdor girls!  I was there from 1963-1967. Good memories dancing in the playground to Beatle music on a transistor radio with mates. I was in 15n and 3a but left due to ill health sadly. I regret this but will always remember the day trip to Calais in 1965 – has anyone got any photos of this trip? Lots of love

    By Michelle Sinclair (12/02/2012)
  • Would love to hear from any of the “Girls” who remember me. I am 69 today so you would be same age. Still in touch with Vivienne (nee Foster) after all these years.

    By Patricia Brooker (Pat Morren) (25/06/2012)
  • I was at Davigdor 1958-1960. I remember Mrs Dunster, Mrs Dann, and  Mrs Stapleton. Lived on Dorset Gardens, Brighton.

    By Catherine (Sally) nee Bailey Olin (15/07/2012)
  • The one and only time that I played truant was my first day at school. It was in 1950 and in those days I was extremely shy. My mother had taken me to Davigdor Infants and during the morning break I couldn’t locate my teacher (was it a Mrs Carr?). I panicked and managed to leave the school playground, crossed Davigdor Road and managed to make my way home to Silverdale Road.

    By Robert Bovington (26/07/2012)
  • I was 5th engineer at the Unigate Dairies plant in Davigdor Road in the 1960s and I enjoyed working there for a couple of years, plenty of free milk and cream etc. I remember we still had steam-fired boilers then.

    By Dennis Fielder (26/07/2012)
  • How have have I missed this page? I first looked at the site back in 2009 and now again this year. My coffee bar year were stronger memories, but my sisters and I all went to Davigdor Secondary Modern. Tanita between ’53 – ’58, me ’58 – ’61 and Denise ’63 -’67. I lost touch with all school friends in the 60s, but most of those names ( the teachers ) are so strong. I know I’ve thought I’d like to tell Mrs Dunster how I’ve done in my life – when I asked her about going to Art College she basically said “let’s be realistic, it’s not for you”. Sad – but I’ve been a teacher/lecturer in FE for almost 30yrs, now almost retired. But there are some fond memories – after being so scared of Mrs Bowen in the early years, I realised she was OK and encouraging by my last terms. Was it Mrs Cook – the cookery teacher? I should remember, she was my form teacher at some point. If you remember me – do leave a message. I especially remember Linda Harrison and Monica Bennett – I lost touch with them when I married and went off to New Zealand. But I’ve been back in UK for most of my life and live in the family house that some may remember in Osmond Road.

    By Simone Walton (07/08/2012)
  • I too was at Davigdoor Secondary School and will be 69 in Dec.  My parents owned the Cordoba Coffee House in Western Road. Happy memories- I remember Mr Hocking and Mr Nesbitt.

    By Brenda Levy (15/09/2012)
  • I went to Davigdor 1970/1976. My lovely mates were Lynn Tarry, Cathy Cash, dear Stella Bucknall, Ruth Jobey and the Dempsters.

    By Mary Nolan (16/11/2012)
  • Does any ex pupil of Davigdor Girls School have any old photos of the school or individual snaps of the day trip to Calais in summer 1965? If you have maybe you could post them on this site thank you. I was a pupil from 1963-67.

    By Michelle Hillman (nee Sinclair) (03/02/2013)
  • I went to Davigdor Infants, started in 1965. My sister already attended the secondary school. We used to peer over the wall at break times so she could make sure I was ok. I remember she was in Mr Niblett’s form and Mrs Dunster was her Head but funnily I cannot remember much about the infants! My Mum worked for a time in the laundry further up Davigdor Road. My sister’s name is Karen (Richards).

    By Wendy Maunder (nee Richards) (03/04/2013)
  • I attended the school during the Second World War but it was called East Hove Infants School at that time. The headmistress was Miss Austin. There was a swimming pool in the basement which doubled as an air raid shelter when the sirens went off which was pretty often. The Unigate Dairy was called Holes & Davigdor Dairy and was owned by a Sidney Holes.

    By Michael Robbie (13/05/2013)
  • I went to Davigdor Infants’ School in 1953 and I always remember the visit before, seeing the old swimming pool in the basement. It was fun there, with Miss Arrowsmith as Head, and those plastic beakers of water we were given. And the squeaky floor when you scuffed your plimsolls on the big hall floor! Then I went to Goldstone Junior in Ellen Street. I remember the church and the dairy, and stared with fascination at the generators through a side door across the road at the power station. Some names I remember are Jonathan Shaw, John D’Arcy (went to Australia), Gail Searl, Penny Willett, David Swaffer, Nick Rosewarne and others. The whole area lost character when the church and all the other buildings disappeared.

    By david shelton (12/06/2013)
  • Does anyone have any photos of the Davigdor school? I am looking to include something in a book of mine covering WW1 military hospitals.

    By david shelton (12/06/2013)
  • Hi Michelle (Sinclair) so excited to find this page. I attended Davigdor Secondary School 1963-1967 and yes I do remember Mrs Dunster who was very scary! Remember asking my way to a certain class on my first day and her reply was ‘you have eyes so go and look for it’ not very welcoming! I do remember the trip to Calais but unfortunately don’t have any photos. I have been texting with Jill Sampson who I expect you might remember. We have been trying to recall other girls names and have come up with quite a few between us. Would be great to hear from anyone that still remembers us. Perhaps we should try for a reunion?

    By Irene Hewitt nee Maynard (13/06/2013)
  • If you go to…/Davigdor-Secondary-Modern-School…/1736… Or type inmDavigdor Secondary Modern School in Facebook search I’ve posted a couple of photos from my last years at school. It would be a great place to add any. Celia Proud

    By Celia Proud (25/07/2013)
  • If you go to…/Davigdor-Secondary-Modern-School…/1736… Or type inmDavigdor Secondary Modern School in Facebook search. I’ve posted a couple of photos from my last years at school. It would be a great place to add any. Celia Proud

    By Celia Proud (25/07/2013)
  • Hi all the pupils who went to Davigdor from 1959-1960, loved reading all the comments brought back lots of memories. As you say, I remember Mrs Dunster, Mr Niblet (would say empty vessels make the most noise). Mrs Bowen she would have complete silence as soon as you heard her stand to attention, don’t know if anyone remembers her saying “why now first years,” and there would be complete silence. Mrs Merrifield was my house teacher, liked her, Mr Hocking was my maths teacher, I also went to St Andrews, and Davigdor infants. I am married now, two grown up children, and two grand children live in Hove. Love to hear from anyone.

    By Penny Willett (09/09/2013)
  • Lots of girls seem to remember Davigdor Rd infants school, but not many boys? I went there 1948- 1952. I remember the derelict swimming pool in the basement, the ice factory & in particular, my favourite teacher, a Miss Charlwood. I then went onto Ellen St where the headmaster was a Mr Smith, then to Hove County Grammar in 1953.

    By Gordon Coleman (09/10/2013)
  • I have loved seeing the comments on Davigdor. They bring back some good memories. I remember some names but wonder if any one knows Susan Ferguson she was my best friend and would love to know how she is.

    By Michelle Bayley (Dixon)) (03/05/2014)
  • All those names bring back memories.  I was at Davigdor between September ’68 and October ’70 when we moved to Uckfield.  I remember Mrs Stapleton desperately trying to teach us Shakespeare, poor woman, and of course Mr Niblett, Mrs Wells, Miss Gander, Miss Edmunds, Mrs McKenzie.  Miss Dunster was the most scary woman ever!  Names I remember are Celia Proud (sorry we lost touch Celia – I don’t do Facebook), Susan Sherwood, Linda Simpson, Julie Parker, Surrey Dempster, Frances Hardy, Maria Humphries, Pia Graham, and so many more.

    By Ann Sellers (nee Ritchie) (27/05/2014)
  • I attended Davigdor Road from 1958 to 1963 and would love to hear from my school friend Barbara Frost.

    By Christine Punnett (née Milward) (04/08/2014)
  • Hi ex Davigdor girl pupils, does any one have photos of the girls’ secondary school? I’m searching for the trip to Calais in summer 1965 and as yet I’ve had no luck. If anyone does have a photo of this day trip, please could they post it on line? Thanks.

    By Michelle Hillman (nee Sinclair) (25/11/2014)
  • Hi Michelle Sinclair, saw your post last year and now this. Been trying to contact you but can’t find you anywhere else. I’ve been in contact with Jill Sampson recently and have been chatting about old school friends. Hope you see this post as it would be good to catch up. Not sure how to get in contact Are you on facebook?  Would be good to hear from any other school friends who still remember us. Here’s hoping.

    By Irene Hewitt (nee Maynard) (11/12/2014)
  • Celia Proud (12.08.2008) wrote: “Wasn’t the junction with Davigdor Road and Holland Road called ‘ation corner’? This was because there was education (the school), salvation (the church) and damnation (the pub).  Was there another establisment with ation on the end?”
    Could I suggest it was the nearby station (Holland Road Halt) making up the foursome?

    By Alan Hobden (14/12/2014)
  • Hello Christine Millward, I was thrilled to read your post, sorry I am not Barbara Frost but was Barbara Spencer, I remember the other Barbara too, often think of the old group, especially Carol Dear, and of yourself. I have good memories of your birthday at your farm. Living in Australia since 1970. I became a hairdresser with my own business in Brighton and then another one in Australia. You girls made school worthwhile. Barbara Frost has a post on Hove Manor School posts and others from her family, try a contact on there.

    By Barbara Strotten (nee Spencer) (14/12/2014)
  • Hi Alan, the missing ‘ation’ is Illumination, as an electric company was on the NW corner. Regards

    By Suzie S (15/12/2014)
  • Thanks Suzie. I hope Celia sees your message.

    By Alan Hobden (16/12/2014)
  • Hello Irene Hewitt (nee Maynard), I’ve been trying to contact you on Facebook but no luck as yet. I’m on there as Michelle Hillman (nee Sinclair). Hope to hear from you soon, love Michelle.

    By Michelle Hillman (14/01/2015)
  • This is for Michelle Bayley (nee Dixon) – hi Michelle, it’s Susan Ferguson (used to be Komninos, now Gray).  I have been living in Australia for the past 40 years and have two children (Sean and Fiona) and almost four grandchildren – Fiona’s third baby is expected next month/April.  I was so delighted to see your name when I accessed this site – don’t know why I never have before!  How are you and what are you doing with yourself these days?  My second husband and I recently sold our home in Melbourne and are now living in Maryborough, Victoria on 8.5 acres.  So many memories – Mrs Dunster (I always liked her), Mrs Tolson, Mrs Wells and Mrs Stapleton – always my favourite.  So many names and faces came back to me when I read through the comments on this site; they were happy days although we probably didn’t think so at the time!!  Please contact me if you can.  I remember when we both went to St Margaret’s Primary School and your brother, Jack, as well!!  Take care and contact me if you can – would love to hear from you. x

    By Susan Ferguson (18/02/2016)
  • Another one for Michelle Bayley (nee Dixon) – Midge, I neglected to give you my email address, it is and this is for anyone else who would like to keep in touch.  Still in contact with Beverley Butcher (nee Sargeant).  She and her husband are living in Glastonbury these days.  They won a trip to Australia around 1996/1997 and went to Sydney where a few of her husband’s (Ralph) people live and came and spent the weekend with us in Melbourne.  Her youngest daughter, Katrina, came and spent a weekend with us also when she was in Oz completing her studies as an orthopaedic surgeon.  So many stories to tell – contact me if you can Midge; would love to hear from you.  Last time we saw each other would have been in the early 70s (just before I moved to London)  I think on the corner of Upper Rock Gardens in Kemp Town, where I used to live, and St James’ Street.  A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then, believe me.

    By Susan Gray (18/02/2016)
  • Hi Sue, it’s amazing to finally hear from you. I will send you my e.mail we can get in touch. So much has happened, so much to say. Are you on facebook? My e.mail is

    By Michelle Bayley nee Dixon (20/03/2016)
  • I grew up in Lyndhurst Road in the 30s and attended St Cuthbert’s Presbytarian Church Sunday School. I remember our very enthusiastic superintendent, Norman Shaw (of Shaw’s Stores at the corner of George Street and Western Road, Hove).

    By Veronica Ross (nee Harrison) (11/06/2017)
  • I have seen the name Miss Charlwood on this site.  I am her niece and I can say she has just celebrated her 100th birthday. Any messages I can pass on. She remembers her teaching days at Davigdor very fondly.

    By Sarah Peskett (14/07/2017)
  • I went to Davigdor school from about 1960 to 1965, I also remember a lot of the teachers mentioned.

    Susan Paterson (nee King)


    By Susan Paterson (23/04/2018)
  • I went to Davigdor school from about 1960 to 1965, I also remember a lot of the teachers mentioned.

    Susan Paterson (nee King)


    By Susan Paterson (23/04/2018)

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