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Queen's coronation 1953

1st boy on bench Tony Worsfold then me looking at camera, 1st girl back bench Madge Gunn, 3rd girl Jean Hammond, next girl to her I think is Violet Bishop
From the private collection of C. West
1st boy on bench Tony Worsfold, then me, 1st girl back bench is Molly Harding, 2nd is Madge Gunn, 4th is Jean Hammond 5th is possibly Violet Bishop
From the private collection of C.West
Bald headed gent with specs is I believe Fred Hatton, publican of the "Live & let live" pub, except for Violet Bishop the other children mentioned all came from Claremont Place
From the private collection of C. West
Map of Albion Hill area prior to redevelopment showing Dinapore Street
Map by Tim Carder
Map of the Albion Hill area after redevelopment in the 1960s
Map by Tim Carder

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  • What lovely photos. Everybody looks so happy. It is hard to believe that the children must be about 70 years old now. How time flies.

    By Julie Annets (27/01/2011)
  • Hi C West, the names youve mentioned couldnt be just a coincidence, Molly Hardingand Madge Gunn. In Whitehawk those families names occupied a house next door to us, a Mrs Gunn with her daughter Madge and a Mr Harding who had a daughter called Molly (she did not live there) who had a daughter who died very young of meningitis. Are these the same people? The number of their house was 156 Wiston Road Whitehawk, ours 158 I left there in 1972 and they were still living there.

    By Barbara Zammit (28/01/2011)
  • Hi Barbara, the Hardings and Gunns lived in Claremont Place at the time of these photos (1953). I’m guessing that most people relocated towards Whitehawk a few years later when Claremont Place and the surrounding area was demolished. My Gran was moved to Woodingdean much against her wishes, she was away in Kent hop picking when the council called to rehouse her and it was her youngest son that made the decision to move to Woodingdean. I’m sure she would have wanted to go to either Whitehawk or Moulsecoomb, both places she had lived in before.

    By C. West (01/02/2011)
  • Thank you so much for your reply , lovely to know that a bit of the jigsaw fits. You are more than right I’m sure about them being relocated after the demolition of their street. But I did get the date of my leaving WISTON ROAD it was more like 1970. They were very nice neighbours by the way.

    By Barbara Zammit nee Dawson (02/02/2011)
  • Does anyone from Dinapore Street know any names of people who lived there? I lived there at no 24 with mum, dad, brothers Pat, Harry, Malcolm and sister Carol. Thank you.

    By roy sargeant (04/03/2011)
  • Hi Jim Jenner here, I lived at 34 Dinapore St. My mum and dad are both in this picture. I well remember Harry and Roy Sargent. Can’t quite see myself at the table but I would be near my mum and I was dressed as an arab. Also knew Molly and Violet. I think the house to the right is mine. I could tell you much more but no more room.

    By Jim Jenner (30/03/2011)
  • Hello Jim Jenner. I would like to know more about Dinapore Street if possible. Thanks

    By Roy Sargeant (09/04/2011)
  • Other families who lived in Dinapore Street were: Pickerskill, Potten, Ewings, Wright, Falger, Pumphrey, Marchant, Measer who owned the Greengrocers, Upton who owned the Food Shop, Banks, Hammond, and Mr. Breed who owned the fish and chip shop on the corner of Dinapore Street and Richmond Street.

    By MPW (21/06/2011)
  • I have a friend (Dennis Piercey) that used to live at 35 Dinapore Street all those years ago. I have shown him the photos and comments on these pages and he remembers most names and photos of people who lived there the same years as he did. He would love to get in touch with anyone that remembers him, he loves to reminisce about the past. Unfortunately he doesn’t have a computer so if anyone remembers him he has agreed that I use my email address for contact details. I will gladly pass on to him any contact details forthcoming. My email address is he would love to hear from anybody that knows him.

    By Frank Parsons (06/07/2011)
  • On my father’s marriage certificate he is stated as living at 17 Dinapore Street,(1940), name John Hilton age 22. Anyone remember the name or family? I would love to hear anything about the family.

    By Terry Hilton (19/08/2012)
  • My mum’s older step-brother was called John Hilton and I know they lived in that street around that time.

    By John Hilton (30/09/2012)
  • I guess we must be related then John? I have lost touch with all my fathers relatives.

    By Terry Hilton (11/10/2012)
  • My mum was Helen May French, you can contact me on ……..

    By Jackie Turnidge (11/10/2012)
  • I was born at 1 Dinapore St on the 10th of March 1942. My mum Winnie Collins, my brother Mick ,my Nan Edith Gravett, my Aunt Sylvia Gravett and my uncle Alf, who was at sea in the RN, moved to Sussex Terrace next door to Mrs Coves’ shop. We were bombed out and then moved to number 24 Sussex Terrace, Where we almost got killed when Appollo Terrace collapsed into our back garden. In 1952 we left Brighton and moved to Leicester. I now live on a Animal rescue farm near Chapel St Leonards Lincolnshire But I still miss Brighton.

    By Patrick Collins (11/10/2012)
  • To Jim Jenner Do you remember me? We were in the St Peters boy scouts together.I was playing in the team when you broke your leg down in Portsmouth.I was nicknamed Spiv not sure why.Would be great to hear from you again.

    By Tony Caig (02/01/2013)
  • For Roy Sargent: I spent a lot of time in your house as Pat was a great friend of mine. I lost touch with him when I left Brighton in 1956, met up with him again out at the Goldstone ground in the North End on Saturdays, but then I left Brighton in the 70s. He was on the dust last time I saw him it was that long ago – if he is still about, give him my regards.

    By Mick Hussey (14/08/2013)
  • I had a pal who lived in Dinapore Street around 1953/54 time, he lived in the back of the fish and chip shop. I recall with his mother and brother. His name was Michael Meaton and his elder brother was named Robert (Bob). I was 15 in 1953, as was ‘Micky’.

    By Vic Bath (15/08/2013)
  • The lady on the right holding the bowl in the top two photos is my mother-in-law Edna Felger (now Miles). She remembers this well. She would have been about 16 at the time.

    By Karen W (17/02/2014)
  • I lived at number 39 with my parents Tom and Eileen Lamb and my sister Barbara and brother Kenneth. My grandparents, Fred and Beatrice Hatton, ran the ‘Live and Let Live’ pub on the corner. My parents and grandparents are in the top and bottom photos and my great grandfather, Mr Parker, is the man in the trilby hat in the top photo back left. Our next door neighbours were Mrs Moon on one side and the Milosavics on the other. Their son Alex was a friend of my brother and I, as was Graham Jenner, Jim’s younger brother. 

    By Ian Lamb (20/07/2014)
  • A  friend of mine Freddy Vinall lived  in  Dinapore Street about that time. I  think  his  dad  had a shop. Anyone  remember?

    By Harry Atkins (26/07/2014)
  • I believe my great uncle Joseph Brooks who lived on Albion Hill was owner and landlord of a great number of houses on Dinapore and Liverpool Street.

    By Veronica (11/06/2016)
  • I would like to hear from anyone who lived in Dinapore Street at the time of these photos. My MMum was Ellen (Nell) Jenner & my father was Jim. My younger brother was Graham.

    By Jim Jenner (14/07/2016)
  • I was born in 13, Dinapore Street in 1933. We moved to Pankhurst Ave in 1939 before the Luftwaffe bombed the house. Our next door neighbours were two boys a few years older than me named Don and Ken Elphick. I met them again when I joined the Boys` Brigade in 1945

    By Les Russell (30/08/2016)
  • My mum lived in Dinapore Street, Pamela Moon, with her brother Johnny, mum Nellie and dad Tom. Mum would love to get in touch with anyone from those days especially Dennis Piercey.

    By Dennis Packham (29/01/2017)
  • My aunt lived in Dinapore Street. Her name was Joan Redman, her husband was Les. They didn’t have children. I was born and lived at 47 Richmond Street. We moved in 1956 and were rehoused in Moulsecoomb. It was like heaven, a brand new house, an inside toilet and a bathroom. I also remember the Coronation party, ours was in Tarner Road.

    By Jeannette (Mitchell) Locorriere (13/05/2019)
  • Fred Vinall was my uncle they did have a shop – Fred’s sister Rose was my mum.

    By Janet Silverthorne (31/12/2019)
  • Hi Jim Jenner. You will be my dad’s (Rod) cousin. Your dad being my nanny’s (Emily) brother. I’ve been doing my (our!!) family tree and remembered the name of the street where your grandmother, Emily Jenner lived for a while. Did you live at 45? I’d love to be in touch with you to find out more about the family.

    By Fran O’Keefe (20/01/2021)

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