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Childhood memories of a nursery

I recently received the note below from longtime MyB&Her Sandra Bohtlingk. So I sent Mouldy our trusty snapper off to get a shot of the nursery of her dreamy childhood memories.

Sandra wrote:-

On the left-hand corner of Ditchling Road and Rosehill Terrace is a creamy white house set back. In the late 1940’s this was a children’s nursery where my mother left me on occasions.

I seem to recall the front garden area was a place where we could play on fine days. At that time we lived with my grandparents in Shaftesbury Road.

Well, as you can see – the house is no longer the ‘creamy white’ of Sandra’s childhood reminiscences – but hopefully she is not too disappointed.

Do you remember the nursery? Maybe you went there? You might even remember Sandra. Please share any memories by posting a comment below.

Ditchling Road/Rosehill Terrace
©Photo by Tony Mould - click on image to open large version in a new window.

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  • Many thanks Jennifer, and Tony, for bringing this picture to the site. I was very tiny at the time but can still remember something of the place.

    By Sandra Bohtlingk (29/01/2018)
  • Was this nursery open in early 1940’s? My mother had been widowed in 1941 and I believe took the job of matron of a nursery in Ditchling to be able to have her deaf baby daughter with her, aged 3 to 5, my sister then went to Hamilton Lodge School for the deaf?

    By Melody Blackwell (31/01/2022)

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