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Motor bike antics in the 1970s

Houses in Findon Road, empty and boarded up, awaiting demolition in 1980
Image reproduced with kind permission of The Regency Society and The James Gray Collection

Remembering PC Smith

I used to live at number 14 Findon Road up until 1979 when we moved to ‘posh’ houses with central heating in Albion Hill. I lived there with my Mum Geraldine, two sisters Karen and Andrea. I have great memories of living on the estate and also rather too many memories of being chased by police (especially PC Smith on his bike and occasionally by ‘Buttons’ as he was driving about in his old Capri) as I rode my motorbike about the estate. I still ride motorbikes, they are just a bit bigger these days.

Hot chocolate and a teacake

I used to hang about with Kevin and Peter Bertenshaw, who lived in the old police house on the corner, Darren and Steven Whittington, Shaun Gumbrill (was always jealous of how easily he could wheelie his ‘Fizzie’), Dave and several other lads. Oddly I can’t remember their names, but I can remember what bikes they rode. Good times, meeting up on our bikes and riding to the Wimpy by St Peter’s Church for a hot chocolate and a buttered toasted teacake and then home. Happy days.

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  • I had some good times in finding Nuthurst Rd.

    By Dave Casaletto (04/12/2016)

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