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Street party at the end of the war

This is a photo which my mother-in-law, Mrs Catt, gave to her son.

I wonder if anyone can recognise themselves or anyone else. If you can, please leave a comment below.

Street party gathering in Firle Road

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  • The little girl with the long blonde hair in the white dress (in the middle of photo, front row, with the rather unhappy face!) is my mother, Ann Stafford. The girl leaning over her with the dark hair is her cousin Molly.

    By Denyce Aresti (15/08/2011)
  • I can hardly believe that my father and uncle, Maurice and Philip, weren’t in this photo – but I can’t recognise them. However, the houses look like numbers 45, 47 and 49 on the flatter part of Firle Road that joined Pankhurst Avenue. The Blundells were at number 47.

    By David Blundell (19/08/2012)
  • I’ve found them! Maurice Blundell is on the far upper left of the photo and is the second recognisable face from the left and my uncle Philip is shorter and next to his left hand! It is amazing to see this photo which, of course, I’ve never seen because it was in someone else’s family collection – many, many thanks to Kathleen and to the site! I wonder just how many treasures and mementos of other people’s lives we all have, hooray for the internet! It’s so sad that neither Dad nor Uncle could see this. Can anyone confirm whether it was taken outside number 47 and also whether my gandfather figures in it – he was still alive then but died before I was born. I can’t say how special this is.

    By David Blundell (20/08/2012)
  • I have just shown my husband Tony Catt, who lived at 39 Firle Road, your comments. He remembers Maurice and Phillip Blundell. The party was at the top end of Firle Road outside Mr Williams’ house. At the top of Firle Road was where they used to have bonfires.  we’re now living in Turkey.

    By Kathleen Catt (03/03/2013)
  • I remember my nan, Jessie Stafford, talking about the Catt brothers! It would be lovely for her to see this, but she passed away 16 years ago now.

    By Denyce Aresti (30/04/2013)
  • Hi Kathleen, I don’t suppose your husband remembers Mr Williams’ house number does he? I should add, you have posted something very special in this picture – thank you.

    By David Blundell (08/05/2013)
  • David, I have read your comments to my husband Tony (he is not in to computers) and he confirms that the photo was outside number 47. He said that the Staffords were at 41, Allbrows 43, and thinks that Conmers leaved at 45 with Mr Williams at 47.  We are living in Turkey and have been here nearly three years. If you want to keep in touch our e.mail address is kathleen catt 9/05/2013X9XJR

    By Kathleen Catt (09/05/2013)
  • I also have a copy of that photo from my dad’s collection. My brother John ought to be in it somewhere aged about 7. I recognise Bobby Godfree, 7th from right between the two girls. The Godfrees lived at 24, we lived at 34.

    By Den Mackey (12/05/2013)
  • Dear Janene,
    Sorry but we have had to delete your post. We are no longer allowing the posting of requests to find third parties, as sharing information like this breaches their privacy. We recommend you try Friends Reunited website if you want to track old friends or neighbours.
    Comments Editor

    By Janene Holway (08/02/2014)
  • My dad has finally made contact once again with Ann Albrow!  This is such a wonderful site and I am very grateful for everyone’s help in reuniting them! Janene [Lovely news, Janene. Editing Team]



    By Janene (10/02/2014)

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