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Blue Posts Tavern

The following query was posted on the website message-board by Janet Considine on 25/07/2002:

“Does anyone have information on the Blue Posts public house (Kidd and Hotblack) owned by Canon Brewery until 1926, when it was taken over by Tamplin and Son (Ltd)? My great-great-grandfather Henry Penfold and his wife Mary Ann Penfold had the Blue Posts.”

The following reponse was posted to the website mailing-list by John Blackwell on 04/08/2002:

“The Blue Posts Tavern still exists and is still recognisable as a pub, although now residential. It is in North Road on the north western corner with Frederick Street.

It was originally a beer house (that is, it was not allowed to sell spirits like gin or whiskey) and was tied to the Cannon Brewery in Russell Street, now underneath Churchill Square.

It had (still has) the house style of Kidd and Hotblack with half timbered upper storey brown tiles on the lower and distinctive small Georgian style toplights in the windows.

The photo of the Blue Posts public house was supplied by Janet Considine and taken around 1920

The photo of the Blue Posts public house was supplied by Janet Considine and taken around 1920

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  • Someone gave me this photo the other day. I actually live in what would be the pub now. I would love to see more photos especially inside if anyone has them. Also get in touch with me if you want to have a look around!

    By Chris Searles (09/06/2005)
  • I was looking at the blue post of where my friend and his brothers, mum, dad and grandma lived. When I lived in the street, I was 10 years old in 1957, and I remember the old Globe Theatre in North Road burning down

    By P.Gray (02/03/2006)
  • This is my old flat. But unfortunatley I’m living in Vancouver at the moment. Great memories!

    By Chris Searles (23/03/2006)
  • This building is very briefly featured in the film ‘Brighton Rock’. Look closely when Richard Attenborough’s character is seen running out of Frederick Street at 1 minute 4 seconds into this Youtube clip. You have to look carefully and perhaps still the picture but it’s there.

    By John Palmer (20/01/2014)
  • Well spotted John. The other interesting pub shown in the clip is the Queens Head opposite Brighton Station, 36 seconds in.  The building has been shrouded in scaffolding for the past 12 or 18 months.  The scaffolding has been used for advertising while the building work is being carried out.  In the clip (1947 I think) it was also covered in advertising!  It will be interesting to see what the makeover is like when the current scaffolding/advertising comes down; soon I hope!

    By Peter Groves (20/01/2014)
  • It’s not Richard Attenborough in the Youtube video I posted yesterday. Apologies.

    By John Palmer (21/01/2014)
  • Did Richard and Hannah VARLEY live in what was the former ‘Blue Posts Tavern’, in Mare Street, Hackney from circa 1778? One of their sons – William Fleetwood VARLEY – was born there. Was this also a former Knights Templar building prior to this ? I am researching the Varley Family. Thanks, Joan Varley McMaster,
    Victoria, Australia.

    By Joan Varley McMASTER (24/10/2021)

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