Happy school days

I went to St Andrew’s school (I think that was its name) from 1949-1955 and well remember the beautiful old building. It had a huge hall which had a real coal fire roaring away in the winter time. We used to have to place the school milk beside it to ‘defrost’ this pushed up the bottle tops as it thawed, so we drunk warm milk, YUK.

Learning by example
The headmaster Mr Evans was very strict and I remember three lads being caned in front of the whole school, they had been caught stealing sweets from the local shop. This was an excellent lesson to all of the rest of the pupils.

School trip to London
We went on a school trip to London and we had a meal out at Lyon’s Corner House, a ‘first’ for most of us. I don’t recall where we went in London apart from St Paul’s whispering gallery. We had nature lessons amongst the gravestones in the cemetery grounds next door. I also remember being a ‘dinner monitor’ and getting a mug of custard for my work. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me: my email address is macthomas@ntlworld.com

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  • I attended George Street School 1946-49. The headmaster was a Mr Whiting and my teacher was a Miss Evans. I only remember a few students, but I would be happy to hear from anyone who attended during the period mentioned: brightonsx@yahoo.com

    By Peter C Wilson (16/01/2008)
  • A friend alerted me to this website. What a glorious trip down Memory Lane. I went to the George Street school from 1947 to 1952. I lived at 14 Shirley Street and later at 66 The Drive. Contributors here have had me remembering places like Coes, Driscolls, DiMarco’s, The Coffee Importers, Curry’s, Kents, Sainsbury’s and all the others. I remember Mr. Whiting, Miss Evans, Mr. Gardner and Miss Bowyer from the school. I don’t recognise any contributors names, but some were obviously a year ahead or behind me and age made such a difference then. You were big kids or little kids. I left Brighton and Hove (actually) in 1960 and have only visited occasionally since, but if anyone cares to contact me, please feel free.

    By John McNaught (25/01/2008)
  • St Andrew’s School is 150 years old this year, does anyone know the month the original school in Goerge Street opened?  We want to celebrate the opening. So far we have not been able to find any records.

    By Jackie Tennant (20/05/2008)
  • Hi all expupils of St Andrews School. We are trying to find some old photos of St Andrews School (as far back as we can get). If anyone out there can help we would be very gratefull. You could email them to me at jackie.tennant@st-andrews.brighton-hove.sch.uk

    By Jackie Tennant (04/07/2008)
  • I remember the Benfield Junior football team (1954) going south down George Street, Hove to about half way and turning right into an enclosed alleyway to a really ancient school with a football pitch! We won 10 – Nil, Sorry! Am I right? Was this St.Andrew’s or George St. school?

    By Tony Brooks (24/09/2008)
  • When I was a child we lived at number 38. My sister Frances Thomson was at St Andrews school from 1947. My name is Isabel and I went to Connaught Road Infants. I remember Gloria Bowers: her father owned the garage in George Street, and Barbara Damorin whose family lived above Sainsbury’s. I remember John from Shirley Street.

    By Isabel Steward (01/01/2009)
  • Isabel, are you sure Barbara Damorin didn’t live in the flat above a similar shop called Bernards George St? I remember you, your sister and just about everyone else in the area. Shirley St, Livingstone Rd, Hove Park etc.

    By Bruce Demaine-Stone (05/01/2009)
  • Bruce, I remember Barbara living above a grocers. I’m sure you are right, it was a very small shop. I can’t place you though. Where did you live? We lived in Shirley Street, my comments were edited so it looked as if we lived in George Street. I have many fond memories of playing in Hove Park. Who do you remember?

    By Isabel Steward (06/01/2009)
  • I have today been taking a trip down memory lane. In September 1939 as a five year old I, along with many others from my Kennington, SE London School were packed off as evacuees down to Hove. Today I wandered along Livingstone Road and stopped to glance at No 33. I lived there with a Mr and Mrs Royal/Royle for about a year. George Street was in my mind as to the school that I attended. I could not find one but did see a building that just might have been a school at one time. Top half of the building has a likeness and on the ground floor are two shops, Select and Vodaphone. At the time the war would not have meant anything to me but can understand now that it was not the best of locations to be evacuated and that is why I spent the next five years in Knaphill in Surrey.

    By Doug Laidlow (13/09/2009)
  • I started at George Street School in 1959, I can’t remember when it changed its name to St Andrews. The headmaster was Mr Gerald Holder Jones. There was a Ms Young, Ms Steel, Mr Newsome and a Miss Springate as I remember.

    By Richard Payne (24/11/2009)
  • I went to George Street Infants in 1946 and lived at 33 Shirley Street – any neighbours still around? My name is Peter Perry I remember, Pat Foster, Francis Thompson, Linda Brown my sister was Marie Perry now Hilliard.

    By Peter Perry (03/01/2010)
  • I remember you very well Peter along with all your family. My sister Frances went to school in George Street. I have mentioned you on the Shirley Street site. They were very happy times back then although we never had much. My childhood was spent playing on bomb sites! Livingstone Road baths was a treat once a week on Saturday.

    By Isabel Steward (21/01/2010)
  • At George Street School I remember pupils Johnathan Macnaught, Gloria Bowers, Barbara Denyer, Sylvia Dockings, also Sydney Bowers, Eve Wilson, and Francis Thompson. I remember teachers; Mr Evans, Miss Bowyer, Miss Haywood.

    By Jean Bateman nee Johnson (12/09/2011)
  • I went to George St (St Andrews) at the same time as Richard White who I was friendly with and I well remember the teachers he refers to, particularly Mr Leany and Miss Bowyer both of whom I remember with affection. Mr Whiting was a great headmaster although I was not as fond of his succesor Mr Evans who I remember as taking great delight in afflicting country dancing on us all. I remember as we had no sports field we were taken to the graveyard next door to run etc amongst the tombstones and I remember appearing in a nativity play at the church. I was Herod. What I do remember with no affection whatsoever were the outside toilets. Great fun on a freezing snowy day and quite dangerous when the moisture on the floors froze. Other friends and fellow pupils I remember are Brenda Grubb, Brian Smeed, Anthony Bloom and Michael Coombes. I was saddened to hear that the school closed as I was a third generation pupil. Like Marion I also recall a trip to London and St Pauls. I remember the crypt and Nelson’s and Wellington’s tombs. I also recall a trip to Hastings and I was very fond after school of visiting Hove Museum. I also remember a pupil whose name I can’t remember but whose father was a butcher having a terrible accident at their shop and losing fingers in the sausage machine. I lived at 37 Blatchington Road and looking at it on Google Earth (I have now lived in Australia for many years) I am amazed how little it has changed. If anybody would like to contact me my email is k.kent@internode.on.net or I have a facebook page.

    By Keith Kent (18/03/2012)
  • I went to George Street school from 1959-1963 – very happy times. I was there when the Queen came to visit – we were so excited. Mr Jones was the head and I remember Mrs Potter and Mrs Steele. I also remember being scared of the grave yard at the back of the school.

    By Michelle Hillman (26/12/2012)
  • I was at St. Andrews between 1960 and 1964, when I moved away to Portslade and Benfield School. Teachers I remember are Mrs Steele, Mr Newsome, (didn’t like either) and Miss Belman (loved her!). My friends were; Richard Pane, David Spencer, Debora Brown, Elaine Card and the love of my life Susan Hallett. Susan lived above The King Alfred Swimming Baths where her Dad was manager. Oh memories leave me alone!

    By Stephen Brand (27/01/2013)
  • I was at St. Andrews between 1965-1971 and had Mr Edwards as my form teacher. Mr Jones was Headmaster, and I do recall Miss Potter who handed out sheets of toilet paper on playground duty should you needed to use the toilets. Miss Mitchell taught country dancing, for boys and girls. Miss Newbury was my first teacher. Mr Jones would ignite the Christmas cake in the dining centre during the festivities. I wonder what happened to the rest of the brandy?

    By Clive Brown (05/03/2013)
  • Editor’s Note:

    Dear Terry

    Sorry but we have had to edit your post. We are no longer allowing the posting of requests to find third parties, as sharing information like this breaches their privacy.


    I went to St Andrews school from 1972 until 1978. I remember Mr Jones the headmaster as I regularly got the cane for bad behaviour. I also remember Mr Edwards, Mr Chambers, Miss Mitchell, Mrs Golding. I recall getting shaken by the shoulders by Miss Mitchell for messing about in her country dancing lesson. Some of the pupils’ names I remember are Steven Bird, Bryan Howart, Paul Ross White, Paul Gordon, Simon Scrace, Micheal Slade. I would be interested in hearing any stories of that time or photos of the school -  the pupils or teachers.

    By Terry Hawker (21/01/2015)
  • I attended St. Andrew’s School in about 1951 and Mr. Whiting was the headmaster at the time, and then Mr. Evans became headmaster – he was so strict and we were all really quite scared of him. His wife was also a teacher at the school and she was too very frightening but I suppose due to the discipline we were all rather well behaved. Mrs. Steele was another of my teachers and she was lovely and made rather a fuss of anyone of her class celebrating their birthday. Mr. Leaney (not sure of the correct spelling of his name), he too was a lovely teacher. Who remembers the outside loos? So cold in the winter months!   We had our nature lessons in the summer amongst all the gravestones and also drew a picture of the lovely St. Andrews Church - where I eventually married.

    By Susan Cassidy (nee Dale) (21/09/2015)
  • I’m not sure how to add a link but about 6 weeks ago a man shared about 20 photos of St Andrews School to the Brighton Past Facebook page. I copied and saved them all as I had spotted what I think was myself in one of them. The photos were taken in the 60s. 

    By Bonita Holland (05/09/2017)
  • I went to St. Andrews school in the latter part of the 60s. Mr. Jones was headmaster. I think I remember him as a little bit of a chubby man, balding and pale in complexion. But he would turn quite red when in anger. And I feel I may have been attending at the same time as the above comment by Bonita Holland as I do remember a Bonita in my class and a Kirsten Schlesinger.  I also had a little bit of a boyfriend who was in the year above me by the name of Ian, wish I could remember his surname, but sadly not. Once he left to go to a bigger school and I never heard or saw him again. And I remember being in the school choir, but sadly cannot remember the music teacher’s name, it may have started with a W, I think. I do hope my memory serves me well. Finding this page has gotten me fairly excited. I am really going to try and remember some more times there.


    By Linda Stokes (12/03/2018)

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