Childhood memories

George Street Hove
Image reproduced with kind permission of The Regency Society and The James Gray Collection

Lessons in the graveyard

Back in the 1960s we lived at the top of Ventnor Villas, our doctors office was down the road. I attended St Andrews school in the mid 1960s, we always had our lessons on hot days in the graveyard. My Mum attended this school in the late 1930’s I remember going on a school trip to Black Rock and falling in.

Watching the Waltons

My aunt worked at the DER shop in George Street during the 1970s; Mr Cahill was her boss. He use to let me sit in front of a colour telly and watch the Waltons on a Saturday afternoons. Mum and Dad were married in St. Andrews Church March 2nd 1957 and my younger brother was christened there 1968.

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Smell the coffee

I remember getting my Brownie uniform in a men’s clothing shop on George Street. After my Nan moved from Wordsworth Street to Clarendon Villas, I spent a lot of time helping her shop at Sainsburys, and Woolworths. One memory that really stands out is the shop that roasted coffee beans,I so loved the smell; I continue to love that smell to this day.

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  • I blame the coffee roaster in George Street for my love of coffee today. My mother used to take me to George street as a treat, in the 50’s,  there was DeMarco’s ice cream shop further down, opposite Currys where she would have an instant coffee and I would have an ice cream wafer.  My first big bike was bought in Currys, who used to sell bikes not just electrical goods in those days.

    Just a little further up George Street was a fish shop where the fish was on a large counter extending onto the pavement with running water and lots of raw smelly fish, and whilst I loved the coffee smell the fish was not to my taste.

    By Rodger Olive (25/06/2016)
  • The Fish Shop was Coe’s. They lived next to the twitten in Hangleton Road if I remember correctly.

    By Adrian Clarke (13/10/2016)
  • I remember shopping every week in George Street with my Mum, while growing up in the 1950’s. We regularly bought our fish at Coe’s. I had a Saturday job in DeMarco’s ice cream parlour before moving on to Liptons. I too remember The Ballerina. Happy Days.

    By Lesley Graysmark ( Nee Blyth) (15/05/2021)
  • I grew up in Ventnor Villas from 54 until we sold the house in 2012. Loved shopping in George street, the coffee smell,[tea importers] I was sent round for half a pound of Pekoe Tips,
    biscuit shop, Lester’s toys, Coe’s meat and fish,
    and many more.

    By Keren. (18/02/2022)

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