Memories of a Canadian ex-pat

Lesley's parents outside 6, Godwin Road.
6, Godwin Road in 2002

I live in Canada now, moved here in 1957 as a 14 year old girl with my parents and three younger brothers. As a child of about 6 – 8 years I remember living on Godwin Road, my brother thinks it was number 6. Our neighbours were very nice; one son was a boxer. I remember riding down the hill on my roller skates, and pushing my brothers around in my doll pram. My maiden name was Rodd. My parents are both deceased, also my youngest brother.

I have been back to England once in 1959 for about 11 months. I think of going for a visit, but it’s always “one day I’m going to….”

My grandmother used to live at 14 Jesmond Road in Hove. I lived with her for about a year and loved it there.

The image is my parents outside the house at number 6 Godwin Road. It doesn’t show much of the house though.

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  • Lesley, I don’t think you lived at No 6, I lived at No 12 which is to the far left of the picture from 1946 till around 1962 and my grandmother lived there until she passed away in 1988. No 6 was occupied by the Sallis family, Mr & Mrs Sallis and their 2 Sons George & Dougie.
    I too live in Canada in New Brunswick
    Best wishes

    By Ian Wallis (17/05/2007)
  • You say your maiden name was Rodd. Did you have a relative called Geoffrey who was raised in Romford Essex, as this was my Father?

    By David Wells (18/02/2009)
  • The house in the older pic has a rendered upper storey and a bay window. The house in the modern pic doesn’t.

    By Renia Simmonds nee Lambor (02/05/2009)
  • Hello all, I’ve found this page really interesting I currently live at number 6 godwin road I moved in here in April 2010 and have been here since, although I have a growing family so will be moving on soon. It’s been nice to see the street and times shared here. I read a comment saying that your neighbours were nice and their son was a boxer.. I don’t know if it’s the same guy but my neighbour (number 8) was in deed a boxer sadly he’s passed now, I’m not aware if he lived there with his family before but he was retired when I met him. He’s name was peter. I know before I moved in two brothers lived here for years together, they collected scrap metal, Peter did show me lots of photos of the garden and them From years ago! I’m not sure of dates Though:)

    By Bea (14/02/2021)

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