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This is for my step mother. Her mother Agatha Weston, daughter of Edward Weston, wife Ada Barnes, was born 2 December 1895 at 34 Goldstone Road, Hove. Her father’s occupation was laundry proprietor. Could anyone tell me what is there now? Or something about this street? Any help would be appreciated. My stepmother has been searching for many years. I found her mother’s birth certificate just this week. Thank you, Kathy.

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  • This is still a residential area, with many of the houses retaining their original features. All the gardens are back to back, and the colour is predominantly (seaside) white. Approximately 75% of the houses are now flat conversions – split into 3 floors, and 25% are split into basement flats and maisonettes. It’s a quiet area and quite sought after in terms of larger property and location (close to Hove station!).

    By Donna (19/02/2004)
  • I live in the building you’re asking about, it is currently converted into three flats, one on each floor. The rooms are fairly large for a Victorian terrace, mainly approx 16’x12′. Having stumbled upon the 1901 census I decided to see who lived in the property and the Westons were there along with a lodger. From the records it seems the laundry was in the building itself as the head of household worked from home, one of the ladies living at No.36 also worked as a laundress so possibly for the family. The building has recently been repainted outside and I stripped and repainted the elaborate railings (in the form of twisting ivy) so it now appears much as it would have in 1895! Hope this is of some use.

    By Mark (10/02/2006)
  • I lived at 26 Goldstone Road when I was a young schoolgirl in the early 60’s. Is my house still standing? I imagine it must have been updated and renovated, if it’s still there.

    By Jackie Collins (07/12/2006)
  • Does anyone know if 3, Goldstone Farm Cottages still exist? My grandfather, Frank Richings, lived there just before the First World War. Before he was called up to fight he was working as a bus conductor for Thomas Tilling of Hove.

    By Barbara Giggins (15/05/2012)
  • Jackie, No.26 is still standing – updated and split into flats. Barbara, all of Goldstone Farm was demolished many years ago – firstly to make way for bakeries and the old Goldstone Football Ground, then latterly for industrial estates. A couple of the original farm cottages still stood until the 1960s, and a search through the James Gray Collection should bring up many images of the old farm buildings from around 1900 to the 1960s. The area once covered by Goldstone Farm is now bordered (roughly) on a modern map by Old Shoreham Road (N), Conway Street (S), Fonthill Road (E) and Sackville Road (W). [Just put James Gray Collection into Google and you will find this most wonderful photographic archive. Editing Team]

    By Mark (03/09/2012)
  • James and Louisa Boniface, my great grandparents, lived at 55 Goldstone Road according to the 1881 Census. 

    By Janet Glass (22/01/2014)

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