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Church Sunday School c1950s

I went to the Sunday School in Goldstone Road/Clarendon Villas in the early 1950s.  I am not sure, but it might have been called ‘The Mission’.  This photo shows a Sunday School outing.  I am directly behind the man sitting in the front row; I have a white collar.  I would love to know if this photo brings back memories for anyone.  Maybe someone can recognise themselves here?

Sunday School outing c1050s
From the private collection of Marion Baldwin/Upton

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  • The man is Mr. Gosling (he was blind), in the same row the first girl on the left is my sister Julie Cording, last girl on the right is my sister Mary Cording, second row down fourth from right my cousin Rosemary Wilton. Mary thinks she still has this photo and will see if she can name any others, she has not seen this as she is not on the net but could remember it when I told her about it on the phone.

    By John Cording (17/07/2011)
  • I remember going to the Mission for a while. You lived at 35 Clarendon Villas in the garden flat and me, my two brothers and sister lived at No.39. I am Ian Luckhurst and my brother is Keith. I remember you had a garden and you, myself and my brother built a camp, or you had a tent in your garden. We spent an afternoon eating biscuits and drinking orange. Nice memory.

    By Ian Luckhurst (25/03/2013)
  • The attractive Clarendon Mission building is still there today, in Clarendon Villas on the south west corner of Goldstone Street. It is now the Church of Christ the King.

    By Alan Hobden (22/02/2016)
  • Hi there, I was wondering if anyone knows anything about 15/13 Clarendon Villas houses (they are joined together) and positioned just to the right of the Clarendon Mission Hall aka Mission Building aka Church of Christ the King?
    Thank you.

    By Thomas (08/06/2020)
  • Kellys 1914 shows-
    #13 Mrs Nichol Cox
    #15 Mrs Lydia Smith
    #15 Miss JP Irwin

    By Dr Geoffrey Mead (09/06/2020)
  • Re 13 Clarendon Villas . My Grandfather owned the house from before 1943 and my mother and I moved into the first floor 6 months after I was born and my father was serving in the Tank Regiment in 1944. When my father returned in 1945 we moved into the basement and lived there for about 10yrs before moving to a small house in Shirley St. Other lodgers were the Bertorelli`s who were Italian and loved to play Caruso records. An old lady lived at the top of the house and my Grandparents and Uncle in the middle. I would love to hear from friends at the time, Christine Sage, Lavinia Riley, Rodney(female), Betty, Eric Marshall. I now live in Shropshire but make occasional visits to the area.

    By Ray Grimster (04/03/2021)

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