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Aerial View

Aeroplane view of Grand Parade, Brighton
Image scanned with kind permission from the private collection of Jacqueline Pollard

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  • The caption on the picture suggests that it is a view from an aeroplane, but in my opinion it is more likely to be from the tower of St Peter’s church.

    By Roy Grant (17/11/2005)
  • In 1851 my ancestor was a master at a boy’s public school on Grand Parade believed to include numbers from mid 20 to 42 and to 47. Does any one know the name of the school and what happened to its archives?

    By V. Tranfield (05/01/2006)
  • Three trams can clearly be seen just right of centre so this would date the picture to 1939 at the latest as the trams were replaced by trolleybuses or buses then.   It must have taken a daredevil pilot to fly so low but those were pre-HSE days and so it’s possible. It’s equally possible the photographers saved some expense by dropping a few pennies in the collection and using the church tower.

    By Adrian Baron (25/01/2007)
  • My comments are not exactly history based, but I am reminded of a time in the seventies, when I did some painting and decorating in a flat in Grand Parade. I am not certain if the gentleman on whose behalf I did the work was the owner, or a tenant, but he told me an interesting story about himself. He was Polish, and worked as a silver waiter in one of the major hotels. The interesting story that he told me was that, during the war, he was an interrogator. It may have been a flight of fancy, but he claimed that ‘they’ referred to hm as ‘The Devil’. I know that this gentleman died long ago, but I refrain from entering his name, since relatives may still be alive, and I would not wish to embarrass them.

    By Joe Reid (17/12/2010)

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