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Childhood memories of the 1960s

Hanover Street photographed in 2012
Photo by Tony Mould

Mum worked in the café

My family moved to 42 Hanover Street when I was six years old in 1962. From the age of 11, I occasionally attended the school in Hanover Terrace, when I wasn’t jamming with my band. At some point the local brewery became a depot, so we were spared the smell. My mum Dotty worked in the cafe near the bottom of Southover Street. I remember that there was a lockup Hoover repair shop just below the Bricklayer’s Arms in Southover Street.

Vi in her blue nylon overall

On the bottom corner of Hanover Street/Islingword Road was Vi’s Corner Shop. I remember her wearing a blue nylon overall, and selling me things like individual sachets of shampoo. Also, as a child, I would be sent down Islingword Road to the paper shop, it is still in the same place – by the old entrance to the Co-Op Dairy, to buy 5 Park Drive cigarettes. We used to kick a football against the Co-Op dairy milk float garages in Hanover Street, much to the annoyance of the wife of the night working taxi driver opposite.

Early interest in girls

There was a greengrocer just up Islingword Road from Hanover Street, and one about three streets up in Southover Street. By about 1968-9 there were quite a lot of parked cars on the upper side of Hanover Street I seem to remember. I remember that I sat next to Val Harper in Elm Grove Junior School. It was a bit young for a boy to admit being interested in girls in those days. I did go out with Theresa Much from Hanover Street when we were 13/14 years old – for a whole fortnight!

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  • My family used to live in Hanover street with my auntie from about 1940 until about 1960 something. We lived at no 40.

    By Dennis Gayler (24/03/2015)
  • I am your long lost cousin Doris Smith nee Burchell. Your Auntie Norah was my Mother. Your Mother was my aunt Mary and your Dad was my uncle Arthur. I used to come and stay with your parents quite often, and was there when your brother Steve was born. I last saw you and Steve when I came up to Scotland for your mum’s funeral. We seemed to have lost touch with you all over the years. Would love to get in touch again.

    By Doris Smith (27/08/2015)

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