CVA Buying Office

The cricket team
From the private collection of Rodger Olive
On the staircase at Portland Road
From the private collection of Rodger Olive
Entertaining the team
From the private collection of Rodger Olive
Entertaining the team
From the private collection of Rodger Olive

The social aspect

As Peter Groves has created so many excellent pages of CVA history, concentrating on the manufacturing side of the company, I thought that a few lines on the office staff would be a light contrast. My father Percy Olive, known by everyone as Charley, worked in the buying office at CVA from about 1947 until he died in 1972. First in the Portland Road offices and ultimately at Hollingbury. Although he couldn’t drive he had to visit suppliers all over the country.  

Entertaining the buyers

He played for the cricket team, and in the photo he is the short one on the right, standing next to his friend and colleague Jimmy, also with folded arms. The photo on the staircase at Portland road is of the entire buying team including Dad and Jimmy side by side again.  I think the senior man there was Mr Mounter. On the rear of the photo the names Dicky Downs, S Smith and S Attrell are shown. As buyers they were often entertained by suppliers and the final two photos show some of the ‘entertainment’.

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  • Many thanks for posting Rodger, it adds to the Hollingbury page.  I recognise just one guy in the first photo, I think its Eric ??? at the back. It would be good to date the photos. My guess is that one and two are late 50s perhaps early 60s, the 3rd and 4th I would guess mid 60s (I don’t recognise the lady). Rodger probably you could estimate from the age of your dad?

    By Peter Groves (06/04/2017)
  • Peter, my dad always looked 40. Anyway I think you are right, cricket would have been about 1957, the team on the stairs about 59 and the entertaining early 60s.  The lady – definitely not one of the buying team.

    By Rodger Olive (07/04/2017)
  • Hi Roger, I’m researching my father Ted Allison and his time at CVA. Peter Groves knew him as a regular visitor to GI Inspection in 1974, and suggested I should contact you. I wondered whether he was a Buyer, or acted in a more Tech Support role. Any information would be appreciated. Feel free to email me direct to
    Ian Allison

    By Ian Allison (04/02/2021)

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