Living in Hornby Road

View of Bevendean valley from the racecourse
From the private collection of Sam Carroll

“This photo of the valley was taken from the Racecourse when it was purely sheep grazing land. Recently I walked with my family up Jacobs Ladder to find the same spot and we took more photos.

My parents moved to Bevendean in the mid 50’s with my sister and brother in tow. I think they came to be near my Aunt and Uncle, who had completed one of the City’s first self builds in Plymouth Avenue. Another brother turned up in 1967 and I hastily followed in 1968.

We lived in Hornby Road and I have extremely fond memories of playing in the surrounding fields and streets, making camps and playing tracking with our gangs of friends. My Dad sold the house in 1980 and I did not return to Bevendean until I became involved in my own self-build in 1997.

As a co-operative we have built ten houses between ten families, timber framed with turf roofs, and have created a community environment (Hogs Edge off Norwich Drive).”

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  • I was born at 74 Hornby Road in 1958. My parents moved to Hollingdean a few years later. I have three older brothers: Alan, Peter and Brian and a younger sister Alison, surname Dray. I left Brighton when I was 14 and I am now living in Portsmouth. My siblings have remained in Brighton.

    By Vanessa (14/07/2007)
  • Thought I would mention Walmer Crescent where I lived.

    By Jennifer Smith (now Tonks) (18/08/2008)
  • Re Walmer Crescent. I lived at 48 from 1951-1959 .The house was new when we moved in. It was a fantastic place to live. Us kids had a great childhood there. Does anyone remember the farm and the barn church? I used to go to sunday school there. If I can help anyone with questions I would be be glad to help .

    By Jennifer Smith (now Tonks) (19/08/2008)
  • I lived and grew up in Hornby Road from 1958 until 1983. We were on the corner at no. 104. Unlike today, we knew most of the people that lived in the surrounding area and enjoyed growing up there. I have great memories of those days and will never forget them.

    By Turner family (Fred Shaun) (22/03/2009)
  • Hi Fred. Did you mean you lived at the bottom of Hornby Road by Bodiam Avenue and did Pat Smith live there? I just wanted to know I have the right family!

    By Pamela (01/07/2010)
  • Hi all, I lived at 121 Auandckland Drive with mum  dad (Nell & Spud Whatman) and my sisters Angela and Gaynor from 1950 to 1970. We had a large dog named Gelert who I’m afraid ran wild. I can remember making camps in the field where the football pitch is now.

    By David Whatman (25/08/2011)
  • Hi all, I was born at 15 Walmer Crescent in 1956, haven’t gone far as now live in Hornby Rd. I remember a lovely childhood there and I do remember the church barn, playing in the cornfields and so on.

    By Jayne Baldy {now Henderson} (25/04/2012)
  • Hi All. My parents Alfred and Dorothy Lakin moved into 66 Hornby Rd when the house had just been built. I was about 3 years old! My dad became the assistant scoutmaster of the 54th Brighton Scouts working with “Skip” who was the vicar in charge. We all worked on building the new scout headquarters adjacent to the track that went up onto the downs.

    By John Lakin (17/09/2012)
  • My family moved to 7, Hornby Road about 1950 and my father moved out around 1973. We were a family of 6 children: 2 girls and 4 boys. It was always a busy household with plenty of comings & goings. My mother was the lollipop lady at Bevendean School until her death in 1967. I have happy memories of my childhood in Hornby Road with friends Alena Wallis, Diana Yates, Claire Boxall, Jacquline Dudney, Janet Fisher & many more. I used to go dancing down the farm where the teacher was Miss Rosemary. I loved going to Bevendean School where Mr Webb was the headmaster. I got married in 1971 from Hornby Road and moved to London but my family have always remained in the Brighton area.

    By Julie Bean (Nee Ralfe) (07/04/2014)
  • Hi. I lived at 2, Ludlow Rise with my uncle and wife, Ronny Everett . I went to Bevendean School, I remember playing in the woods and when late for school one day I climbed over the railings to go across the playing fields. I got stuck and split my dress all the way down the back on the spikes – did I get told off! I went to Elm Grove School after Bevendean because then I went back to live with my family. If anyone remembers me, I would like to here from them.

    By Rosemary Appleton [Trigwell] (08/04/2014)
  • I lived at 13 Hornby Road with my parents Anne and Fred Budgen and my sisters and brother Debbi, Gary and Niki White in the early 70s. Happy days and simpler times 😁 great community.

    By Chriss Budgen (04/09/2019)

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