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Where did we all fit in?

Ingram Crescent
Image reproduced with kind permission of The Regency Society and The James Gray Collection

Remembering the lamplighters

We were the Brown family and we lived at no. 66 Ingram Crescent. There were six children and two adults in a three bedroom house. I often wonder where did we all fit in, but it did not seem small at the time. Our family were there from about 1952 until the houses were demolished. Our neighbours were Mr. Mills one side and Mr. Horne the other. They used to go out early morning on their bikes with a long pole to turn the lamps off and then in the evening to put them on again. Does anyone remember them?

Why old people flats?

We lived behind Ingram House where all the old people lived. We must have driven them insane skating round on our roller skates all day, and playing ball up against their walls. I never could understand why they built old peoples flats in the middle of an estate with so many children.

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Toffee apples from the back door

In the summer whole groups of children used to get together and take a picnic to the copse which was near Hove Park or go to Mile Oak. We would take our  containers and come home loaded with blackberries, and covered in scratches. Other times we would all go to the beach. Mrs Godlewski who lived near the east banjo made toffee apples and sold them from her back door. I have very fond memories of Ingram Crescent and remember most of the families who lived there.

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  • I am the youngest of the Pook family that lived at no.111, actually born at no.111. My parents didn’t have enough money for hospital birth! Have really great memories of The Crescent and the people that lived there.

    By Barry Pook (23/08/2015)
  • My dad, Ray Blaber used to live in Ingram Crescent as a boy. There were seven children is total, together with my grandparents. I can only remember being there the day my Gran moved out and into a flat in Clarendon House. Funnily enough my maternal grandparents also had a flat in Ingram Crescent. It was right up the top and their neighbours were Mr and Mrs Oakes and Mrs Collins, who lived over the road. There was a secret path into the road behind, near the railway. They had a huge garden full of flowers and veg.

    By Joanne hill (01/02/2017)
  • Mr & Mrs Mills were my grandparents, we moved next door to them in 1960, I remember the Browns, I think the father was Bert and he had a daughter Janet and I can’t remember the other children’s names. Bert loved motorbikes and was always working on them. My name is Ross and my sisters are Barbara and Frances, my brother is Graham.

    By ROSS POCOCK (03/09/2019)
  • Hi Ross, I am JANET and I remember you and your family. My brothers are Peter, Roy and David and my sisters are Doreen and Marion. My dad was Bert and you’re right, he loved motorbikes. I remember a lot of the families and children.

    By Janet formerly Brown (18/03/2020)

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