Photographed c1957-1959

Jubilee Street
Image reproduced with permission from Brighton History Centre

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  • I don’t remember Jubilee Street looking anything like your photo. During the war, and afterwards, my grandmother always shopped at a little sweet shop run by a husband and wife. The shop always seemed to be busy. I remember the road was very narrow and had some sort of business on the corner on the right side. I seem to remember steam and pipes.

    By Jennifer Goddard (nee Norrell) (27/04/2007)
  • My Grandfather, James Joseph Jeremiah Coghlan was born in Jubilee Street in 1894. I have no idea what number. If, by the slightest chance, his name rings a bell with anyone, I would love to hear from them. He died in 1976 but only now am I starting to put the pieces together.

    By John Sanders (08/07/2009)
  • My mother & step-father ran the little sweetshop in Jubilee Street in the mid to late 1950s. I remember the school nearby which I attended. The one vivid memory I have is the daily dose of cod liver oil.

    By Susan Barker (30/12/2009)
  • I have a photo of 54 Jubilee St, taken in 1903/4. The shop was a wholesale haberdashers – Athill Bros. – and was run by my Great Uncle, Walter Athill. It was part of a wider wholesale business in the East End of London. It may have only been in Brighton for a year as Walter died in April 1904.

    By Margaret Young (10/05/2010)
  • Margraret, I would love to see your photograph.

    By Susan Barker (14/08/2010)
  • Coghlan at 35, a wardrobe dealer.

    By Terry Boyle (21/08/2017)

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