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A family business

Jubilee Street undated photograph
From the private collection of Margaret Young

My great uncle, Walter Athill – the man on the right, ran this shop for his wider family who owned the business, and had shops and a wholesale business in the East End of London in about 1903/4.

I believe he had been ill for some time; perhaps he was sent to Brighton to benefit from the sea air. He died in 1904 so I guess the premises changed hands then.

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  • It must have been a very short tenure indeed – the premises were only listed to Athill in 1904, so that solves the dating of the picture.

    Regards, Andy

    By Andy Grant (03/05/2016)
  • Thanks Andy, we weren’t sure of dates. Walter died on 7th April 1904 – he had been ill for a couple of years but contracted meningitis in December 1903. I guess they leased the property in the hopes he would recover. Amazing that we have the photo when they were there for such a short time. Thanks for the information.

    By Margaret Young (27/05/2016)
  • Hi again Margaret. The snow on the ground is an indicator that it must have been taken during the winter months – so probably not long after he contracted meningitis.

    By Andy Grant (28/05/2016)

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