Changes in the 50s and 60s

A photograph of Archie Craig crossing Kings Road
Photo from the private collection of Trevor Chepstow

Crossing the bottom of Kings Road
This photograph shows Archie Craig and his wife (Jeannie Craig) crossing Kings Road at the bottom of West Street. Both were appearing in Tom Arnold’s 1953 “Ice Circus” at the Sports Stadium ice rink in West Street, Brighton.

Both were popular acts at the rink with Jeannie appearing as a contortionist and Archie as the stilt-walking clown, both combined various other routines in this very popular summer show.

Alan Weeks, publicity manager of the Sports Stadium
The gentleman to the left of Archie Craig is Alan Weeks who at the time was the publicity manager at the Sports Stadium and later went on to be a well-known sports commentator with the BBC. Alan was the voice behind many of the ice shows produced at the rink and regularly commentated at the “Brighton Tigers” ice hockey matches. When the rink closed in 1965 he went to work for the BBC fulltime and covered virtually anything to do with the sport of ice skating world-wide.

The other gentleman to the right in the suit and hat is believed to be the Mayor of Brighton

Demolished to make way for the Brigton Centre
The buildings in the background were demolished in the mid sixties to make way for the new Brighton Centre and what was to be a new ice rink at the bottom of West Street/Kings Road, combined with a new cinema complex. Unfortunately the ice rink turned out to be a failure and it was combined to add another cinema to the complex.

The Visitors Information Bureau in the photo was relocated to the rotund building on the esplanade at the bottom of West street and is currently a snack bar.

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  • My friend Mary was a skater at this time and the lovely Alan Weeks was her brother-in-law. I shall show her a copy of this item.

    By Heather Wilson (23/02/2004)
  • I believe the buildings in the background were once Parker’s Hotel which belonged to my great grandparents – do you have any information on this establishment? It was where the Brighton Centre now stands.

    By Lee Parker Stein (28/01/2005)
  • 1950 and I was 8 years old. I lived in the extreme lefthand shop/house in the background. I have so many memories of the few years I spent there before moving to 5B Waterloo Street. As we had the hairdressers shop, all the stars from the shows came there and we got free tickets for everything. I met so many of the big names of the time and I often sat with Allen Weeks at the rink, while he commentated on the Ice Shows and the Tigers. So many memories

    By Dennis Fielder (29/07/2009)

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