Tranquil secrecy

South Garden, Lewes Crescent

“My chosen place is the south garden of the enclosures in Lewes Crescent in Kemptown, or rather, the view up into it from the private tunnel that leads under the seafront road.

What I especially like about it is the tranquil secrecy of it, and the way that you can step from the manic business of the seafront on a bank holiday, and right away imagine you are miles away in the middle of countryside, surrounded as you are by trees, lawns, flowers like daffodils, bluebells, my favourite solomon’s seals, and even songbirds. Unfortunately I don’t live there any more but still walk around the crescent.”

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  • I spent many happy hours in the South Garden during my early childhood, in the late 40’s early 50’s. My uncle was the butler to the owners of No.8 which I believe was the last house in the crescent to be converted into flats purchased by the late Bill Owen (Compo). One of my tasks was to walk the dog and on one occasion I stopped and sat chatting to a lady also walking her dog. My uncle had been watching me from No.8 with binoculars and when I returned asked “do you know who you were talking to?”. “Who is Anna Neagle?” I replied, when told. I very much doubt if it is there today but under a bush close to the road there was a small tombstone where Negus the owner of No.8’s black labrador is buried.

    By John Mason (17/08/2009)
  • I love Lewes Crescent I lived at no7 as a young girl, in the top flat. I also used to chat to Anna Neagle in the gardens. I remember I used to swim at the black rock swimming pool used the underpass from the gardens. Mother used to hang something on the balcony for me to go home, happy days.

    By Felicity Thacker (18/07/2011)
  • I also lived in Sussex Square in the 50’s (late) had a key to the gardens as well and would often walk under the road to the pool, we lived in one of the homes of a very important and very high ranking Army person and his wife……………..on the first floor up the beautiful staircase….huge flat.

    By Lindsay Ziehl M.B.E. (07/10/2019)

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