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Photo of a sign for Len's Engineering

Len's Engineering, Little Russell Street Brighton
Photo scanned from private collection of Trevor Chepstow

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  • What was the date of this picture of Lens Precision Skate Grinding, please?

    By Vic Phillips (12/11/2004)
  • My GGGgrandfather George Lower was a baker at 16 Little Russell Street from 1818 until the 1850s. Would love more information on this area; also any details of any Lowers who were bakers.

    By Vic Phillips (12/11/2004)
  • My parents lived at 15a Little Russell Street (the flat above Lens Skate Grinding) between 1959 and left in 1963 when it was condemned. I was 3 years old but I do have some memories of the place.

    By Sue Baker (21/05/2006)
  • My Grandfather and his brother (Francis and Louis Bonnot) both lived at 16 Little Russell Street in 1933. Louis was a Bakery Despatch Clerk. Based on Vics comments, I wondered therefore if 16 Little Russell Street was actually a bakery? Does anyone have any suggestions?

    By Sarah Green (23/09/2007)
  • I lived in Artillery Street from 1939. I went to St Paul’s School – infants and juniors – nearly next to No. 16. I remember a David Bonnot living there. In Artillery Street four doors up lived a Mr Francis Bonnot but I do remember a bakery. I lived at No. 1 Artillery Street.

    By Ronald Bartley (08/05/2009)
  • Hi Ronald – Francis Bonnot is my great grandfather and I don’t know very much about him as he passed away in 1959. Do you know anything about him, perhaps where he worked or what he did for a living or anything? I have not come across a David in my research to date, interested to know more. Many thanks

    By Sarah Bonnot (17/05/2009)
  • My mother’s family lived at No 1 Little Russell Street and they were evicted (due to slum clearance) when she reached the age of 18 in 1931-32.

    By Julie Fitzgerald (02/10/2009)
  • We lived at 7 Russell St. Also went to St. Pauls. Also had my skates ground at Lens when I was home from touring.

    By maisie (21/02/2012)
  • My 4xgreat grandfather, Henry Gorringe lived at 10, Little Russell St. Born 1818, he married Ellen Lee in 1838, and I have children George (age 34) and Thomas (age 22) still living there on the 1881 census. Also, on the household are showing a William Briggs, Ellen Briggs (both age 32) and William H Briggs (newborn). Henry Gorringe’s father was also Henry (born 1788, married Fanny) and went on to have 5+children. Our family also have connections to Richmond Buildings via Harry Gorringe+Minnie Sacre, or Albert Stephen Gorringe+ Louisa Gearing.

    By Rachel Gorringe (20/04/2012)
  • I’m thinking of making a short film about the community that is now buried beneath Churchill Square. I’m interested in people’s everyday stories. If you’d like to contribute, please contact  Many thanks

    By Dan (21/12/2012)
  • “Len” was my father. Spent many a happy hour at the old ice rink before it closed. Dad carried on the business when Little Russell St was demolished from home. Remember lots of the “Tigers” coming to see him. Nice to see he’s remembered!

    By Elaine Manning (21/02/2013)
  • Dear Sue
    Sorry but we have had to delete your post. We are no longer allowing the posting of requests to find third parties, as sharing information like this breaches their privacy. We recommend you try social media websites if you want to track old friends or neighbours.
    Comments Editor

    By Sue Prior (17/09/2016)

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