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Did you know? - businesses under the viaduct

My Brighton' exhibit" data-title="'Did you know?' from the 'My Brighton' exhibit">
'Did you know?' from the 'My Brighton' exhibit

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  • When I was a child there was a cafe called ‘First In Last Out’ and when I went to work I used to go there for my lunch. Great food!

    By R. Fowler (18/02/2008)
  • In the late 1940s early 1950s, there used to be a large second hand shop filling up a lot of the pavement and premises. As a boy I thought it was an Alladin’s Cave. I bought some cigarette cards of footballers in this shop from my savings from my newspaper round.

    By Bernard Hill (04/01/2009)
  • I worked for a while at Cox’s Pill Factory. We used to have to go up quite a lot of wooden steps that ran up the side of the viaduct to get to work. I was sixteen, whilst working there things like cough medicine’s were packed by hand using large jugs from huge metal vats. One thing that will stay with me forever is, when my father died, on the day of his funeral, all the girls were outside waiting for the cortege to pass on our way to the cemetery. They were a good bunch of people.

    By Joyce Blackman (09/01/2010)

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