Early 19th century listed farmhouse

Early 19th century listed farmhouse | Photo by Carol Homeward
Early 19th century listed farmhouse
Photo by Carol Homeward
The farmhouse has a Doric doorway | Photo by Carol Homeward
The farmhouse has a Doric doorway
Photo by Carol Homeward

Mighell Street running off of Carlton Hill. There isn’t much left of it except a garage and a beautiful old flint cottage. Originally it ran between Carlton Hill and Edward Street until most of it was demolished and the Amex building was built.

Extract from ‘The Encyclopaedia of Brighton’ by Timothy Carder

Mighell Street was demolished in the early 1970s for the Amex House development and only nos. 34-35 now remain, an early-nineteenth-century listed farmhouse now divided into two dwellings; its cobbled facade and Doric doorway are unfortunately obscured by fences and trees. Mighell Street Hall stood on a site now occupied by the Amex House forecourt in Edward Street. It was built in 1878 as a Strict Baptist chapel by T.Boxall on the site of the Globe music hall, and was used as St John’s Church Hall from 1910 until 1927, and then a spiritualist church until it was demolished in about 1965

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  • My first memories were from Mighell Street. We lived there until we moved to Hollingbury in 1948. Funny how I can remember that but not where I put something five minutes ago.

    By Roger Davis (19/10/2011)
  • Has anybody got any pictures of Mighell Street before it was demolished by Amex? I lived at number 46.

    By Wendy Woodham (25/02/2012)
  • My mother lived in Mighell Street in the 1920s. Her name was Rosie Packham I am not sure what number house she lived.

    By Sylvia Allen (27/02/2012)
  • Hi Wendy, remember me? I used to live at No.6 Mighell Street before we moved to Moulscoomb. I remember you, your sisters Betty and Pam (I think that was her name), your brother Barry (or was it Leonard?). Memory not so good now! We did renew our friendship some years ago but somehow lost touch again. My mum died a few years ago aged 94. We miss her badly. Do you remember Mick, David, Jean, Carol, Fred and Janice, my siblings? It would be good to hear some more of your news. I’ll check to see if I have any pics of Mighell Street, but can’t remember any, and photography wasn’t so inexpensive and easily available as it is today with all the new technology. I am living in Lancing now.

    By Vivienne Maynard (nee Wilson) (29/04/2012)
  • It would be great if someone could come up with some pictures. I too had family that lived in Mighell St. My parents lived with on the top storey of our relatives house at #38 (Cyril and Florence Recknell), a few doors along from the Black Lion pub. They had a Son called Anthony (Tony) who worked for Woodcocks when it was on the corner of Carlton Hill. My Parents were Roy and Brenda Green. Both our family and the Recknell family were friends with the Nobbs family, who also lived on the street. I was born at Buckingham St Maternity Hosp’ in 1966, and lived in Mighell St until we moved back to London approx one year later. My relatives, the Recknells, were one of the last families to move away before Amex came along.

    By Mark Green (20/07/2012)
  • Hello! I have a photo of myself with the ‘Mighell Street’ sign from when I was 12 (1978). My Dad and I went searching for the road, and the sign was pretty much all we could find as it was all offices! The road existed because WAY back, ancestors of ours were big landowners in Brighton, and apparently part of the Brighton Pavilion was built on land bought from the Mighell family.

    By Helen Mighell (21/07/2012)
  • In answer to Vivienne, of course I remember you and your family from Mighell street. Only just come back to this page after a year as things happen, as you probably know – as you get older you forget. I’m still in Brighton, up Ditchling Road now. Sorry to hear about Freda. I also remember Tony Recknell, I’m sure his dad took me on his dog-meat delivery rounds one summer holiday. It was so lovely.

    By Wendy Jackson (22/09/2013)
  • New to this page. I was born in Brighton and still love it.

    By Dave Leigh (14/10/2013)
  • My great great uncle, John Septimas Buckwell, lived in the only house left, number 35 or 34. Only just beginning to look in to my family tree. It’s really interesting finding out these facts.

    By Jill Wilkes (17/08/2014)
  • When I left school I went to work at Virgo engineers at the bottom of Mighell Street. It was then pronounced ‘mile’ street, only changed when the Americans moved into Amex!

    By Michael Cowley (18/08/2014)
  • I think you will find that Virgo’s shop was a bit further up Edward Street just past the Great Globe pub and White Street.

    I lived at the Little Globe from about 1940 until 1945 living at the same time in what was 27 (now 28) High Street leaving 27 in 1961.

    By Ken Ross (18/08/2014)
  • I too worked for Virgo’s when I left school, that was in 1961, the office at the time was indeed in Edward Street and the workshop was in Mighell Street.  The offices later moved into Mighell Street to what had been the old ice cream factory.

    By john eaton (19/08/2014)
  • I was raised in, I think, 11, Mighell St, right opposite the pub.  Virgo’s was set back a little way off the main street from memory. Remember Thwaite’s lorry place at the top on the right.

    By Gavin Williams (16/10/2014)
  • I have posted a picture of Virgo’s ironmongers in Edward Street at this address:


    The photograph was taken because my mother Lorna Ward worked at Virgo’s as a typist/clerk in about 1944.

    By David Ward (24/12/2014)
  • I also remember Nelson’s ice cream factory,we used to stand out side the gate when one of the workers used to give us a free ice cream. We lived at 31 – I think near the Black Lion Pub. I have very happy memories of my youth. Our surname was Virgo, we lived at the time with my mother’s parents, Burt and Hilda Booker, until we had to move in 1962. I was nine at the time; we moved to Moulsecoomb which I hated.

    By Carol White (04/01/2015)
  • The Mighell family lived at 43 Albany Villas, Mighell St, Hove, Brighton about 1860 and later at 99 and 115 North St, Brighton. For the descendants in Australia it would be wonderful if anyone has some old photos as there must be some family pictures being property developers, you would think? 

    By Sue Huggins Australia. (16/05/2015)
  • On tracing my family tree I have discovered my grandmother’s parents lived at 34 (the only remaining house). around the 1890s. Their family name was Hotton and her father was a blacksmith.  My grandmother Bertha Hotton married Henry Arthur Waller, the founder of H A Waller & Sons Limited.

    By Linda Horsburgh (17/09/2015)
  • I used to work at Virgo (Engineers) On Edward St. around 1953-54. the boss was Ian Virgo. does anyone know if he has any descendents in the Brighton area? My name was Sylvia Watts and I worked as an Office Clerk beside Ron Newman. Anyone remember us?

    By Sylvia Stickel (01/01/2017)
  • I saw this site and thought it very interesting. My Dad was Thomas Mighell from Tacoma, Washington USA. I am very proud of his history and name. He had a friend who traveled to Brighton and saw the Mighell Street sign, took a picture and brought it home to my Dad. He was so proud. I have always felt such a heart felt connection to Brighton and England. I’m hoping to someday travel there.

    By Kellie Mighell-Pinkowsky (12/03/2017)
  • Generations of Mighells lived in Brighton from 1530. Philip Mighell (1746-1836), after whom the street was named, celebrated the Jubilee of George III in 1810 by giving a feast for 2,300 of Brighton’s poorest in the Prince’s riding house which became the Corn Exchange. In November 1619 Thomas Mighell married Ellinor in Brighton. I believe they left soon after and went to Hull because of religious persecution in Sussex. In 1638 they sailed for the New World in the “John of London” and Deacon Thomas Mighell was among the first settlers in Rowley MA with Rev Ezekiel Rogers in 1638. 

    By Geoffrey Smith (19/11/2017)
  • I used to live at 27 at top next to the Freeman’s rag and bone merchants. I’m sure there was a workhouse opposite our house.

    By Harry Atkins (03/01/2018)
  • My nan lived in Mighell subsequently but a house and a garage. She used to sewage mantels and foster children.
    I remember the street party for the coronation, where she made costumes for her grandchildren. Very talented

    By Diane Bewley new Perry (24/03/2019)
  • Pretty sure my grandparents, and an uncle, by the name of Lind, lived in Mighell Street early 50s.

    By Ray Keech (24/03/2019)
  • I was born in Brighton in 1945 and lived in Mighell street, it was known as Mile street. My family lived there until it was demolished,then we lived at number 40. I remember the Recknell family also the Hobb family. Remember the pub the Black Lion, we knew the ice cream factory as Gizzis I think.

    By David Ward (25/01/2020)
  • David Ward. My mother Hilda was a great friend of your mother Ida. I lived in Carlton Street and knew both you and your brother Robert.

    By Carol (30/01/2020)
  • Hi Carol, I remember Hilda and Frank, your mum and dad. I know you married but do not know your married name. I still think about those days with great affection. I have asked this site if they will pass on my email details to you, no reply. Let me know your married name, and I will try to contact you. [Hello, David. It’s not our practice to forward emails but will speak to Jennifer, the editor, about your request. Editing team]

    By David Ward (21/02/2020)
  • Hello does anyone know Bates family who lived at no 30?

    By Karen askew (20/03/2020)
  • I’m doing my family tree and believe my grandad (Aubrey Edney) was the landlord of The Black Lion in 1938. If anyone has any pictures, would be great to see them!

    By Jo (12/04/2020)
  • I am also doing my family tree and I have discovered that my Great Great Grandfather (William H Tugwell) was listed as the publican of the Black Lion on the 1901 and 1911 census. He was also listed as the publican in 1913 at the age of 67. Although this is on my father’s side of the family, my mother often speaks of Mighell Street, as she grew up just a few streets away.

    By Debbie (13/04/2020)
  • David Ward. I have just seen your posting from earlier this year. Amazing, I remember Danny and his family who lived on the top floor of No.40. I think you or your brother went to Sea Scouts and there used to be an annual show in the hall up Carlton Hill, just past the church. The church at that time was St. John the Evangelist and a couple of years ago I went to a funeral there and it is now a Greek Orthodox Church. I have contacted the site with my details. If my memory is right, you moved from Brighton some years ago.

    By Carol (14/05/2020)
  • I lived in this house last year, in 34 and I was just wondering if anyone knows anything about the boat like features inside the house? like the wooden aspects and the windows between rooms and stuff?

    By Elle (15/05/2020)
  • Hi Carol, I am advised by the site operator, the only way
    to contact you,is for me to put my email address on a note
    on the site.
    My email address is,daliward@hotmail.co.uk all lower case.
    I am sure that after some sixty years or so we will have things
    to talk about.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    By David Ward (27/05/2020)
  • I lived in Mighell Street in the 1940s, during the war. We lived a couple of doors down from Freemans, the waste paper and rag merchants. Used to take our rags and woollens there and newspapers. We lived opposite the work house. I remember Harry Cowley and his vigilantes taking the timber off the windows in a couple of houses, just up the road from the bakers in Edward Street,to put homeless families in.I also remember the doodle bug , that landed and never went off .It was at the bottom of Edward Street., Just up the road from the Dog Tray. Hundreds of people came to see it, before SM Tidy.took it away on a low loader.

    By Harry Atkins (29/07/2020)
  • My father Ron Stabbins was born in 35 Mighell St in 1913. I have a photograph of him as a baby sitting on the grass outside the house.
    His parents and grandmother seem to have been living there since at least 1910.

    By Patricia Stabbins (19/09/2020)
  • I used to use the Black Lion in Miguell street in the 1980s.
    It was run by Vic and Nell Pryor and her Mother used to knock out a fantastic lunch nosh (if you kept her sweet).
    Tragically they lost their son whilst he was serving in the Royal Navy.

    By Brian Sharman (16/10/2020)
  • The Brighton Mighells are ancestors of mine on my mother’s side. As told to me, Mighell Street was named as a ‘reward’ from The Prince Regent to Philip Mighell, a landowner of considerable wealth, who had loaned a huge sum of money towards the building of The Royal Pavilion ( as did many others of Prinny’s friends). The loan was never repaid and Philip died a great deal poorer than he had been most of his life.

    By John Franklin (22/10/2020)

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