Named for Nelson's victory in 1798

Nile Street | Photo taken by Sue Craig
Nile Street
Photo taken by Sue Craig

Originally known as St Bartholomew’s Lane, Nile Street was renamed following Nelson’s victory over the French at the Battle of the Nile on 1 August 1798.

The narrow street was pedestrianised and widened in February 1989 in conjunction with the Market Street scheme, and is now dominated by the Art Deco shops and offices of the Nile Pavilions, designed by the Robin Clayton Partnership and erected in 1987-9.

No.1 is a listed building forming the rear part of nos.22-23 Prince Albert Street.

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  • I grew up in 2A Nile Street, a tall narrow building which is also listed Grade 2, in the 1950s and 1960s. My bedroom was in a tiny garret room in the attic and had a very early 19th century feel to it (the building is probably 18th century).   Your picture mainly shows Market Street – Nile Street is the street leading off to the left. Forfars Bakery and The Pump House pub are the two Georgian buildings right of centre and are very little changed form the 1950s. In the middle, where Costa is now, stood a tall Victorian building housing Gillet’s printers – their factory was a plain-sided concrete building on the northern side of Nile Street.   Pedestrianisation (and a certain amount of ‘gentrification’) have changed this area a lot. When I grew up here there were still some people living in this area and a varied range of businesses – now it is almost all shops and restaurants with very few residents.

    By Adrian Baron (24/01/2007)
  • Hi Adrian. I remember many happy evenings in your attic room listening to John Mayall and and your mate the brilliant 12 string blues player. I’m still in Brighton (Hangleton) and walk through Nile Street if I’m in the Lanes.

    By Howard Johnston (14/04/2012)

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