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Norfolk Buildings in the early 1970s

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In 1971-72, when I was an overseas research fellow at the University of Sussex, my wife and I lived at 3 Norfolk Buildings, Brighton, in a mews close to the seafront and West Pier. We rented our attached three-story habitation from a Mr. William Cody, who then lived in London but had been an actor in the Abbey Theatre, Dublin in the early 1920s.

A peak experience

Our next-door neighbours were a couple much older than us, the Siddonses, Mr. Siddons being a direct descendent of the 18th-19th century actress Sarah Siddons. We named our daughter, who was born not long before we returned to the U.S., “Sarah”. (The delightful Pauline Collins character in the original “Upstairs Downstairs,” first aired during our stay, must have had something to do with this as well.) Our time in Brighton was a peak experience in our lives.

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  • The captions on the right of the image are somewhat confusing as Norfolk Buildings ,off Sillwood Street and Norfolk Mews off Norfolk Street are not the same thing. Both were dealing with horse transport, but in different places! They back onto one another but there is no way between them. The Kelly’s 1914 shows for Norfolk Buildings both a Job Master at #4 and at #7 a shoeing smith. Norfolk Mews has Thomas P. Allen livery stables.

    By Dr Geoffrey Mead (10/04/2021)

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