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Notes from New Zealand

Today I stumbled onto this site and in particular the photograph of North Steet and George Street submitted by Bob Carden. I have lived on Banks Peninsula, Canterbury, New Zealand since emigrating in 1966. I spent my youth from 1941 to 1966 at 49 Wellington Road, just around the corner from the photograph.

I recall this spot so well now. I lived with my mother and grandparents, surname Fears, until the terraced housing along the front was demolished and we all moved to Parker Court in Upper Portslade. There was a popular pub called ‘The Jolly Sailors’ one of several in the immediate area. Hoping to visit soon before it’s too late !

North Street, Portslade
From the private collection of Bob Carden

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  • Hi Jim, my dad lived in North Street. When you come over call me it would be good to meet up with you and talk about the old Portslade. wayne mobile 07747107660

    By Wayne Wareham (30/07/2008)
  • Hi Wayne – good to get a reply from you. I’ll certainly look you up when I’m back in Portslade. This amazing web-site has got me digging up long forgotten photos which I’ve dragged around the world with me so many years ago! Guess I should post a few here ? Thanks for reply, Jim Duncan, New Zealand

    By Jim Duncan (31/07/2008)
  • Hello Jim, you mention the Surname Fear. Would an Ernie Fear have been one of them?
    He was a Mechanical Engineer at the old Portslade Gasworks, specialised on the Dockside Cranes.

    By Jeremy (31/07/2008)
  • Hi Jim, how are you? It would be good to meet up when you come over; at the moment I am doing a subject about films that were filmed in Brighton and Hove. I can show you some of the locations around town when you come over. Please do keep in contact.

    By Wayne Wareham (01/08/2008)
  • Hi Jeremy -thanks for your question. No, not the same person I’m afraid. My “uncle”, Ben Fears did work for 35 years at the Gas Works though mostly driving the syphon truck around the Works. He died in 1965, shortly before I left the UK.

    By Jim Duncan (02/08/2008)
  • My dad, Bill Hobden, worked at the gas works. I remember all the Christmas parties there and the old ferry man that used to take us across for the wages.

    By Tony (15/08/2008)
  • Hi Jimmy – it was great to see your memories on the North Street area. I can still remember our numerous trips to the canal and beaches at the back of the Gas Works. In the early days the ‘Danger Mines’ signs were still on display on the beaches, and an air raid shelter stood in Middle Street opposite my Aunts B&B. I can still remember listening to your grandparents radio with envy with a choice of channels which I could not recieve then. If you visit the UK please contact me.

    By Derek Ford (29/01/2009)
  • Hello Derek – amazing for me to hear from you after all these years! What times we had in Portslade together with Ray and Dinkie. Very nostalgic for me. Proabably more than anything else one misses when emigrating from Britain is that early history of childhood friends – you start all over again !I’d love to meet with all my old mates again to be able to share things we have in common. I well remember your folks and that splendid rocking-horse you had.We did have fun didn’t we and a fair bit of mischief too. Remember the catapult fights at the rubbish dump, the ‘stilts’ fights and Jimmy Cable’s “I-Spy” tribe? Lasting memories for me.Be sure I’ll look you up when I come back. Best wishes to you. Keep in touch – please.

    By Jim Duncan (20/05/2009)
  • To Jeremy. Re Ernie, the crane man. I’m afraid you got the name wrong. He was Ernie Feast. If my memory serves, he had his own workshop, just west of the carpenter’s shop, where he looked after the mobile cranes. A most obliging man. He was the number one call, if you wanted something that you couldn’t find in the stores. He also had a reputation for buying duff motor cars. Hope this helps you.

    By Ron Charlton (20/07/2009)
  • Jim Duncan, don’t know if you have been back to Portslade yet but a great idea for all and it really does not take a LOT of work, is to get a reunion organized prior togetting back. See Mile Oak Revisited 2008 and Mile Oak Revisited Reunion 2010. Four of us, the Dream Team organized this, with just one of the team living in Mile Oak, one in Worthing, one in Holland and one in USA. It is amazing how great this web page is for getting the messages out to those who need to be contacted. High regard for all at My Brighton and Hove web page.

    By Bonny Cother (05/01/2011)

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